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Aldridge Case Studies & Reports

At Aldridge, we understand the value of information. That’s why we’re committed to sharing our story, our experiences, and our research through downloadable case studies, white papers, and reports. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about these documents or about how we can help your organization achieve its IT goals.

Case Study: Houston Zoo

Aldridge modernized and streamlined the Houston Zoo’s IT environment, including upgrading its IT staff with Aldridge employees, which resulted in the zoo being able to meet efficiency, performance, and cost-savings goals while undergoing a major exhibit expansion.

Case Study: Howrey Law Firm

Aldridge streamlined the massive IT infrastructure of Howrey LLP during the international law firm’s bankruptcy proceedings, which resulted in achieving the bankruptcy trustee’s objectives of efficiency, cost savings, and data preservation.

Report: Rain CII RFP

In 2012, Rain CII Carbon, a leading producer of calcined petroleum coke based in Kingwood, Texas, issued a request for proposal (RFP) to the IT outsourcing market. The company, which operates offices and facilities around the world, wanted to ensure they were doing all they could to maximize cost efficiencies and improve the performance of the IT services they were receiving