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Top Ways Businesses Can Protect Themselves Against Ransomware

As technology becomes increasingly integrated into the business sphere, companies are looking to bolster their security and defend their network from a potential breach. According to the FBI, cybercriminals stole $209 million in the first three months of 2016, and ransomware is predicted to become a $1 billion annual crime by the end of this year.

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Houston Tech Company Appoints New CEO, President

Houston-based Aldridge, a technology consulting and outsourcing company, has promoted two of its senior-level executives to the roles of CEO and president.

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Ensuring HIPAA Compliance Before a Potential HIPAA Audit

Businesses and healthcare providers are facing increasing pressure to meet and maintain HIPAA compliance standards. The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) announced it will be performing a new round of random audits throughout 2016.

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Ten Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Help Streamline Your Business

Microsoft’s Office 365 suite is eliciting quite the buzz from enterprises and small businesses alike. Companies are becoming increasingly more comfortable with the idea of using a cloud service and are intrigued by the software’s ability to increase business productivity at a flexible cost. Four out of five Fortune 500 companies use Office 365’s services, and this trend extending to small and medium sized businesses as well. In Microsoft’s 2015 Annual Report, the company claimed more than 50,000 small businesses subscribed to Office 365 every month for the 22 months preceding the survey.

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The Upside to Downsizing: How Outsourcing IT can Bolster Business Continuity

Businesses that are facing pressures to cut costs and reduce staff often look to their IT department first when deciding which sectors of their organization to downsize. While some companies are under the impression that an on-premise IT department can provide better support to their end-users, outsourcing their technology needs may prove to be more efficient and cost-effective than they think.

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Three Ways To Best Protect Your Business’ Data During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is fast approaching and this year’s forecasted storm activity is abnormally high. The Weather Channel predicts 2016’s season will include 14 named storms and eight hurricanes, three of which are likely to be a category three or higher. The spike in activity is a concern for anyone positioned within the storms’ potential landfall regions, but it’s especially alarming for small businesses whose operations and reputation could be severely damaged in the wake of such a disaster. Data backup and redundancy are key components of a business’s disaster recovery plan and can help significantly reduce the negative impact of a devastating hurricane on a company’s future operations and survival.

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4 things to teach your employees about data security

Today, businesses rely almost entirely on data storage and exchange to conduct their operations. While the use of this technology has allowed for increased efficiency and profit, the risks associated with potential data disasters are enough to end a company’s operations entirely.

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Torrential Rains or Tornadoes: Six Ways to Ensure Your Business Data Stays Safe During Natural Disasters

During last week’s torrential rains in Houston and recognizing tornado season is not far behind (DFW is the largest metropolitan area in Tornado Alley ), storm protection is a real issue for Texas businesses. Business continuity should be a primary goal during operations every day, but especially in the event of a natural disaster. Dealing with the aftermath of critical data loss can be far more expensive than implementing a data protection solution from the start, and in a worst-case scenario, it can potentially spell the end of a small to medium sized business.

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Pharmacy Prevails Despite Total Server Destruction

Aldridge is a managed services provider offering best-fit IT and cloud computing solutions to growing small and medium-sized businesses. The MSP’s clients benefit from their unsurpassed commitment to support. For one customer in particular, Texas-based pharmacy Complete Pharmacy Care (CPC), Aldridge’s first-responder assistance in the face of disaster is the only reason the company remains in business today. Here is their story. 

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