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SaaS and Small Business

Learn how Software as a Service (SaaS) applications can help small and medium-size businesses reach their goals.

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What is WannaCry?

WannaCry infected thousands of devices across the globe, but the spread of the ransomware was completely preventable. Watch this video to learn more about the WannaCry scare and how a few simple steps could have spared the networks and reputations of the affected organizations.

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Remote Access Security

Don't let remote access security be the downfall of your network. Learn what measures your company needs to take to keep its business-critical information secure, no matter where or how its accessed.

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Office 365 Email Security

Security is the main issue for businesses considering a move to Office 365's cloud-hosted email solution, or Exchange Online. In-house Exchange servers have been the default option for companies looking to take advantage of Microsoft's latest email solutions. However, in-house Exchange solutions are notoriously expensive to maintain and secure on-premise. If properly implemented, Exchange Online can provide the security and efficiency your business needs when managing its email.


Should I Switch to Exchange Online?

Office 365 email (Exchange Online) isn't the solution for every business. You need to know compliance, storage, and cost will affect the value of your investment. In this video, we will cover what aspects of your business must be considered before investing in Microsoft's cloud-hosted Exchange email solution.

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Why Engineering Firms Should Care About More Than Data Backup

Your engineering firm handles A LOT of data, and when a disaster strikes, you need to be able to access this information with as little downtime as possible. Watch this video to learn more about why your firm must go beyond data back up and design a business continuity solution that can support your business operations despite the circumstances.

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File Management in Office 365: Overlooked Features That Can Help Your Business

Office 365 has a lot of bells and whistles, especially when it comes to file management. However, these these fancy features are useless if you don't know how they work. Watch this video to learn more about the file management features available in Office 365 and why some companies miss out on these helpful tools.