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Jonathan Daigle

Principal (Houston)

Jonathan DaigleJonathan Daigle is the Principal in our Houston office. Jonathan’s responsibilities include managing growth, and sales efforts on behalf of the company.

Jonathan began his career working in the copy room for a Houston law firm in 1994 and, since that time, has acquired 22 years of experience working in the industry. Before becoming a member of the Aldridge team, Jonathan worked for Insource Technology where he managed sales and the delivery of network and managed services. In March of 2016, Jonathan was recruited by Aldridge and immediately embraced the opportunity for a new challenge.

“I came to Aldridge because the company has a strong vision and a team of people that are dedicated to that vision. I never have to worry about someone resisting change because everyone is focused on moving forward,” he says.

Jonathan’s position requires constant communication and the ability to be attentive to issues both inside and outside of the company.

“Part of my job is being open and listening to people’s problems. I have to be willing to take risks and do things that might not have been done before, but never at the expense of the people involved. There’s definitely a balance that has to be maintained, but ultimately, my goal is to help people grow and succeed in their roles,” he says.

Jonathan lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Jonathan is heavily involved in his church, enjoys the more than occasional round of golf, and of course, plans regular vacations with his family.

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