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Valerie Burson

Vice President and General Counsel

Valerie BursonValerie’s responsibilities as general counsel include advising the management team on risk mitigation, liability, and corporate governance matters, as well as legal review and contract review. Since joining Aldridge in 1984, Valerie has provided invaluable legal guidance.

“I think the greatest value of the general counsel is to proactively make sure expectations on both sides of our agreements are aligned with reality, which prevents problems from happening in the first place,” Valerie says. “It is especially important since so much of what Aldridge is doing with the cloud and other technology strategies is relatively new.”

In addition to her stewardship role, Valerie has helped beta test software and write technical documentation.

Before joining Aldridge, Valerie had already established an extensive and notable legal career. Her experience includes over a decade at her own practice, where she focused primarily on family law, and service in the Consumer Protection Division of the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Valerie also has significant experience in legal education and training. She was an adjunct professor at the University of Houston and has taught at paralegal and real estate schools.

Valerie is admitted to the U.S. District Court, Southern District of Texas and is a member of the State Bar of Texas. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She studied law at Oxford University and holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the South Texas College of Law.

Chief among Valerie’s personal interests are education, justice, peace, and conflict resolution. She actively pursues these interests as one of the two U.S. representatives to the International Council of Stewards of the More To Life Foundation, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to helping individuals achieve their full potential. As a Quaker, she attends the Live Oak Friends Meeting.

Valerie and her husband enjoy their new hobby in general aviation.

Valerie is married to David L. Aldridge. They have two daughters, Brittany and Lindsey.

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