Selects Phoenix NAP’s ultra-modern facility for colocation and cloud hosting services

HOUSTON, May 7, 2012 – The Aldridge Company (, a leading provider, consultant and integrator of Information Technology and Cloud Computing solutions for SMBs, today announced it has geographically diversified its data center portfolio to ensure stability in the event of a natural disaster. With a majority of its clients located in the hurricane-prone Houston area, The Aldridge Company has selected Phoenix NAP in Phoenix, Ariz., one of the safest-from-natural-disaster cities in the U.S., for colocation and cloud hosting needs.

Although hurricane season has been mild since Hurricane Ike, data from the past 60 years shows the Texas coast is hit by an average of three hurricanes and two tropical storms each decade. The resulting floods and prolonged power interruptions can be crippling for businesses of all sizes, which have grown increasingly reliant on IT systems for financial data, employee information, customer databases, data on projects in progress, and sales and distribution information.

“We are adding data center services in Phoenix because our customers and prospective customers depend on uninterrupted access to their data,” said Chief Operating Officer, Patrick R. Wiley. “We take these responsibilities seriously and this diversification ensures Houston-area businesses have cost effective access to a secure environment with resilient power and cooling systems and a high level of physical security to make sure customers’ IT infrastructure is running 24×7.”

The Aldridge Company offers a range of hosting services, including dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting, which provide constant and current data availability, security and stability, thus giving customers peace-of-mind and allowing them to focus on their business. The Aldridge Company’s IT solutions include complete management of servers, PCs and networks coupled with rapid and accurate technical support. They also provide audits of security and disaster recovery readiness.

Phoenix NAP is a PCI DSS Validated Services Provider and a SOC Type 2 audited facility. The modern facility features backup systems that include redundant generators and 99 percent efficient PureWave™ Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. The central cooling system is capable of moving 1.6 million cubic feet of air per minute through the entire 160,000 sq. ft. data center building and it is among the most redundant the manufacturer has ever designed. The facility also features security systems that include 24×7 on-site guards, encrypted badges, PIN entry pads, and iris and vascular scanners.

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About The Aldridge Company

The Aldridge Company is a Houston, Texas-based technology management, consulting and outsourcing company. Founded in 1984, the company brings a winning combination of professional technical expertise, extensive capabilities and a strict focus on the importance of business processes. The Aldridge Company is a leading provider, consultant and integrator of Information Technology and Cloud Computing solutions. In 2011, the company was listed as No. 11 on the Houston Business Journal’s Fast Tech 50 list of fastest growing Houston technology companies.

About Phoenix NAP

Phoenix NAP, a full service data center, premier infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) provider and primary network access point (NAP) for the Phoenix, AZ, metro region leads the path for technology systems and solutions through its innovation and vastly redundant data center systems. Phoenix NAP’s highly personalized approach ensures that all of customer requirements are met. Whether it’s high-density colocation, flexible storage, physical servers or cloud hosting services, their enterprise-grade facility and certified NOC technicians supply IT solutions to fit every customer need. For more information, visit the company’s website at