MSP Private Cloud Migration Challenges & the Azure Solution

Are you unhappy with your IT provider’s service, performance, and company as a whole? For many business leaders, the answer is “yes,” yet they remain customers for several years. Why? Because they feel they are

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New 2021 Microsoft 365 Compliance Automation & Audit Logs 

Microsoft has continued to expand its security stack, making enterprise-level security capabilities available to growing businesses that need a scalable method for managing data governance and compliance. Recently, they launched a public preview of the improved Microsoft 365 Security Center, which is envisioned to

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New M365 Security Tools: Automate Data Governance Policies & Controls

Today, you’re faced with defending your business from both malicious hackers and the unsuspecting employees they target. As many growing organizations work to properly manage their data security and compliance needs, they face a common challenge: marrying data governance and scalability. At the end of 2020, two new features were added

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Microsoft Teams New Features: 2020 Releases & 2021 Teams Roadmap

There are a few new features for the general Teams messaging and video conferencing platform, Teams Live Events, and Teams Business Voice that businesses should be taking advantage of with their Microsoft 365 subscription.

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Pros & Cons of Microsoft 365 Business Voice (Teams VoIP Phone System)

What is Microsoft 365 Business Voice? Microsoft 365 Business Voice adds cloud-based telephony to Teams, creating a single place for your business’s communication and collaboration needs. Business Voice lets you make calls

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3 Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 For Business

Download PDF version with links Download PDF version with links Talk to our IT support team for assistance in

Increasing Your Productivity With Microsoft Teams: Business Voice (Teams VoIP)

Contact an Aldridge representative to learn more about leveraging the collaboration of Microsoft Teams and Office 365.

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Modernize Your Data Strategy: Graduating from Reporting to Analytics

It has never been easier to turn your data into valuable business insights. Learn how to evolve your data strategy from businesses that have actually done it. In this

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