SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 3: Features and Collaboration

Experience real-time collaboration and seamless editing in the online and desktop versions of your Office applications with SharePoint.

SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 2: New Documents in SharePoint Online

Learn how to use Office 365 web applications to create and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents inside SharePoint Online.

SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 1: Search Basics

With SharePoint you can search for files by using the file name or by using terms within the content of the document using the universal search box on your site's home page.

SharePoint vs. OneDrive: What’s the Difference? [Video]

SharePoint and OneDrive have some common features that may make it difficult for businesses to determine which service is right for them. However, while the services are similar in many ways, they are not the same...

7 Reasons to Use SharePoint in Construction Project Management

Choosing the right project management information system (PMIS) for your construction firm can be an overwhelming task. After listening to the frustrations of our clients, we realized many of them were already paying for SharePoint, a program capable of solving their project management concerns...

Business Continuity in Houston: 2 Ways Your Company Can Prepare During Hurricane Season

Your organization should be prepared for disaster, but you don’t have to wait for your company’s next IT audit to fine tune the plans already in place...

Construction Firms and the Cloud: How Cloud Tech Can Help You Save Time and Money in the Field

The goal of remote access technology is to create a seamless work environment for your company's users no matter where they are. Your firm’s team is likely working on-the-go and needs access to office files and resources no matter the location...

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