3 Benefits of Using Microsoft 365 For Business

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How SharePoint File Services Can Benefit Your Business

Getting Started: Resources to Understand the SharePoint Online Experience  This material is a great starting point for getting familiar with SharePoint. Aldridge: SharePoint 201 Webinar Differences between SharePoint and a traditional file

6 Benefits of Office 365 for Construction Firms

Depending on your role in the construction industry, where and how you work can be completely different from the day-to-day of your fellow employee. Whether you are part of the office staff, or you have

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The Essential Guide to Working From Home

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SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 8: Sync Files for Offline Use

Sync all of the files and folders from your favorite SharePoint location to your desktop using OneDrive so you can work any time, even when you're offline.

SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 7: Using Office Apps

You've used SharePoint with online Office apps, but did you know you can access documents stored in SharePoint from the local applications on your desktop?

SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 6: Web and Desktop Apps

Video TranscriptionLet's talk about all of the apps that are available that work with SharePoint Online. To access the online versions of these applications while you're in SharePoint, you can click the application launcher

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