5 Disaster Recovery Plan Steps to Protect Your Business

When a disaster hits, 40 to 60% of small businesses never reopen. Hurricane Laura's impending landfall is forcing businesses to react quickly, at a time when many of these businesses are still reeling from

2020-09-02T19:41:37-05:00August 25th, 2020|Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity|

[Houston Business Leader Forum] NAVIGATING UNCERTAINTY: Liabilities, Opportunities, & Lessons Learned

Watch this recording to learn how other business leaders are navigating the uncertainty of returning to the office, financial plans, legal liabilities, and restructuring the traditional workforce to accommodate employee needs

2020-06-15T12:13:46-05:00June 15th, 2020|Covid, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity|

[Executive Panel] How to Keep Business Moving During COVID-19 Preview

WATCH THE FULL RECORDING Watch the full recording to hear our panelists speak on: Adjusting Operations: The operational challenges we face as business leaders and what we did to mitigate risk

2020-06-15T12:14:27-05:00May 21st, 2020|Covid, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity|

Company Culture During COVID-19: Technology’s Role in Communication & Connection

One uniting factor of the COVID-19 pandemic is our shared experience. Most of us are now working from home. Our everyday lives have been turned upside down as we adjust to the challenges of

Why You Should Implement Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365

What is Managed Backup, and Why is it Useful? Microsoft’s standard Office 365 services include short-term, self-service options to recover many types of deleted items. In your Outlook email mailbox, the Recycle Bin preserves things you

How Scammers are Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemic

The chaos and confusion created by the Coronavirus pandemic has proved to be irresistible to scammers. According to Forbes, Coronavirus-themed phishing emails are more numerous than any other single phishing email theme in the

Coronavirus IT Security Warning: VPNs and Personal Devices

As we all put creative solutions in place to enable staff to work from home, be aware of the security risks that go along with allowing your employees to connect to your secured company

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