Adopting Digital Technology in the Construction Industry: The IT Roadmap to Success

Technology is rapidly changing the look and feel of the user and business experience when adopting digital technology in the construction industry. Most contractors understand that to remain competitive they need to reduce margins,

5 Benefits of Using VoIP For Business

Despite being the superior phone technology, only about 31% of businesses are utilizing VoIP phone systems (Multicom). Like with any new technology, widespread adoption takes time; however, the direction of the industry is clear. Gartner

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How Manufacturers Use Office 365 Data Insights to Drive Decisions

When it comes to digital transformation, any technology change you invest time, money, and resources to adopt should, in some way, contribute to improving your customer experience by utilizing your employees for their full

Company Culture During COVID-19: Technology’s Role in Communication & Connection

One uniting factor of the COVID-19 pandemic is our shared experience. Most of us are now working from home. Our everyday lives have been turned upside down as we adjust to the challenges of

Why You Should Implement Managed Backup for Microsoft Office 365

What is Managed Backup, and Why is it Useful? Microsoft’s standard Office 365 services include short-term, self-service options to recover many types of deleted items. In your Outlook email mailbox, the Recycle Bin preserves things you

How SharePoint File Services Can Benefit Your Business

Getting Started: Resources to Understand the SharePoint Online Experience  This material is a great starting point for getting familiar with SharePoint. Aldridge: SharePoint 201 Webinar Differences between SharePoint and a traditional file

What Are Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online E-Mail Services?

What are Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online E-Mail Services, and Why Would I Want Them? Email, calendaring, and communications management are integral parts of today’s business. It makes sense to leverage enterprise-class

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What is Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Source: Microsoft What is Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, and Why Should You Have It? Bad actors like phishers, scammers, malware authors, and ransomware authors employ a number of tactics

What is Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365

What is a Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365, and Why Is It Useful? As we move toward cloud-based, accessible services for the convenience of conducting business at any time, from anywhere, protecting

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