Chad Hiatt

Vice President & Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Chad joined Aldridge as part of the successful acquisition of Arterian in 2016, where he served as the company’s Senior Consultant and an equity partner.


“I have a technical background, certainly, but what drives my work is translating that expertise to real people with real business objectives.”

Chad is the Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Aldridge. His role entails working to further advance the company’s technology strengths, architectural leadership, and value delivery to clients. A majority of Chad’s responsibilities revolve around designing and driving strategic IT plans for clients and assessing the progress of these plans during scheduled business reviews.

Chad’s technology career began early, programming his own games as a kid and writing educational software in grade school. Chad started his first IT company before he could drive, and during the 25 years of his career, has developed into a valuable technology architect with the skills to identify, align, and execute the IT strategies and initiatives of organizations across a variety of industries.

“At Aldridge, internally, our culture is action-oriented and fast-paced; that enthusiasm comes through. There’s an honest willingness to expand and learn new things. Technology is fun and leveraging it to help businesses succeed… that’s exciting and gratifying. Combined with a well-founded understanding of the importance of scale and repeatability, and how improving processes drives stronger services, Aldridge brings tremendous value to our clients,” he says.

Chad’s enthusiasm for learning and innovation has guided him through the evolution of the first home computers to today’s complex networks, Internet cloud services, business information automation, and corporate IT process and management. Chad truly enjoys taking on business challenges. He aims to help clients identify and leverage the right tools and teams for their companies, enabling them to bring smart people together and capture opportunities. Chad attributes his success to his ability to be both a technical and business resource for partners.

“Listening is important, and so is collaborating to reach a clear, mutual understanding of where we want to go. Clients appreciate my ability to communicate IT and technical concepts in a way that’s both informative and easy to understand. By bridging this gap, I believe we can create a clear picture of how technology can enable a client’s business, and how we will move from present-state to the goal,” he says.

Chad lives in Houston with his wife and their two teenage sons, and with their boys now growing into young adults, Chad and his wife have started enjoying weekend city-hopping trips together. In his spare time, Chad practices Shudokan (an Okinawan school of karate). He also leads free community training seminars for the Armed Defense Training Association of which he’s one of the founding board members and the Chief Instructor. This volunteer nonprofit helps community members learn and practice responsible self-defense skills and mentor others.