Client Spotlight: Eutex International

June 25th, 2018 | Client Spotlight

At Aldridge, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of companies that strive to make an impact in their respective industries.

We recently spent time talking to Nick Mair and Keith Cruthirds of Eutex International, an electrical cabling and accessories distributor that also provides hazardous-area inspections, training, and certifications. Aldridge has helped Eutex achieve its goals by supporting their infrastructure and aligning IT with their mission.


Nick Mair: We’re trying as hard as we can to keep people safe.

Thirty years ago next month, Piper Alpha, as most people in our industry know, that platform just off of Aberdeen, Scotland exploded and killed 167 people. Once the report came out from Lord Cullen, there were over 100 recommendations for better and safe practices out there. From there a new scheme was born called CompEx which is the training that we do.

I can’t say how many people, or how many lives we’ve saved, but I certainly know that we saved some. I think that’s what makes me most proud. I really, personally, take it really seriously. Far more seriously than maybe people think.

To know that we’re taking people in and testing people’s competency. To know that we’re supplying the best products, that we believe, out there in the market. To know that we’re out there doing hazardous area inspections, ensuring the registers are up to date, counseling and working with the offshore client base—and now onshore, to refineries, petrochemical plants…

I’m very proud to have achieved, and for the company to have achieved, what we’ve done so far. Our target client is anyone that actually cares about safety. Plenty of companies out there that pretend that safety is important, but we truly believe in that and I think that sets us apart. Hazardous safety products, safety training, safety inspections—everything we do is related to safety, hence the reason, the hashtag, #SafetySeriously. But we mean it from here.

We supply products from the Eutex side of the business. Our Atec side of the business has the Atec Training Academy where we take electrical and mechanical practitioners and test their competency levels. Another part of the business, in Atec, is the EX, or hazardous area inspection business. And then we also assist with certification projects also. We’re able to manage to work with the OEMs, systems integrators, the operators all through the project cycle.

Keith Cruthirds: We provide electronic cabling and accessories and hazardous area applications as well as training, certification, and inspection in hazardous areas as well.

The backbone of our business is our IT infrastructure. And we’re a global business, we need to make sure that our environment is protected and that it’s up and running 24 hours a day. Aldridge is proactive. They don’t stand by and let things happen, they act, they prevent—and in the IT world that’s important.

The culture is one that’s been cultivated by Tommy and Nick, and it’s one of open communication and teamwork. We work together very well. We have a good time with what we do, we celebrate our victories and we learn from our losses.

Nick: We work hard but we try to have a little bit of fun too. So, we’re always trying to nurture—we’re always trying to mentor, but we always try to nurture a happy environment. Hardworking, but happy.

We try to have fun in the office. We have a massage here, so people get a massage when they’re tired. [laughs] It sounds silly but it’s incredible how many people use it just to chill out a little bit.

Everyone’s really committed to quality here and I think that’s something we’ll continue to focus on. Again, we’re pretty nifty people. I feel like we’re young and hungry, we’re out there, we’re going to continue to grow this company, continue to grow the brand. We’re definitely on the right path. I’m very happy to be a part of this organization.

For more information about Eutex International, visit their website.

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