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Security doesn’t stop moving – there is always some new threat or acronym you need to know about. You need a partner who will survey the security landscape and keep you informed about what truly matters to your business.

Partner with us and get:

Tailored Security  – Recommend a best-fit security solution based on the data that you work with, your compliance obligations, and your business’s unique risk factors.

A 24/ 7 Security Team – Rest easy knowing that you have an around-the-clock team watching for suspicious activity across your IT, and ready to respond to true threats.

5 Layers of Security – Our security isn’t just antivirus – it is a combination of people, processes, and technology arranged in layers to manage your risk.

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“We had a ransomware incident and Aldridge did a wonderful job getting us back up and running. They did a great job communicating updates to me and it was probably the best service we have received since being an Aldridge customer.”

Gary, Financial Services

“Aldridge really does a great job in educating the leadership team on the latest best practices to use in cyber security. They have done this through one-on-one meetings and through web-based training sessions. Further, they act as partner in supporting us with our business decision-making process in regard to software, hardware etc.”

Eric, Logistics

“Aldridge has been our IT Department for several years! They are always quick to respond and get our issues fixed so we are back up and running again!”

Robin, Real Estate

“We have been with Aldridge for many years. They have been wonderful to work with. They are responsible and promptly deal with any issues we may have.”

Curt, Engineering

“Appreciate the partnership and having a team that continues to find new ways to work together. Aldridge does a great job of thinking like us and not just as another vendor – that has been one of the most valuable aspects of our partnership.”

Lynnea, Healthcare

“Aldridge is a valuable business partner. We rely on them for all of our technological support, cybersecurity, and best practices in the world of IT.”

Dan, Manufacturing

The Aldridge Advantage

When you partner with Aldridge, your IT will be…


Trust that you have the right mix of technology, processes, and expertise to securely scale your business.


Work with a local team of IT strategists and technicians that will be there when you need them.


Build a relationship with people that are excited to learn about your business and support you.

Build Your New Cybersecurity Solution in 3 Steps

1. Pick your IT Managed Services Level

Complete IT Managed Services

We’ll take care of all primary IT functions – user support, onboarding & offboarding, device management, and infrastructure health.

Co-Managed IT

We’ll divide up functions with your internal IT team so that they can focus on what matters to them.

2. Select a cybersecurity tier


Our recommended security controls and tools, managed by a 24/7 security team.


Everything in Standard, plus a custom security program, managed by a senior security consultant.

3. add IT projects & consulting

Major IT Projects

Need to upgrade your IT infrastructure? Move to the cloud? Implement Microsoft 365? Whatever you need, our dedicated projects team can help.


Get an IT Audit & Security Assessment, or hire an executive IT consultant on retainer for on-demand expertise.

Our Layered Approach to Cybersecurity

There isn’t one single security tool or control that can protect your business – effective security requires multiple layers of people, processes, and technology. 

1. Identify Vulnerabilities 

Quarterly review of your entire security program – your network, devices, people, and external threats. Proactively call out your vulnerabilities and manage your security initiatives up to 2 years in advance through your IT Roadmap & Budget.

Aldridge Identify Vulnerabilities

2. protect your network, people, and data

Implement a multi-layer defense capable of recognizing and stopping sophisticated attacks on your network and devices. Train your people on security and protect them with anti-phishing measures.

Aldridge Protect Network, People, and Data

3. 24/7 threat detection

Gain peace-of-mind that the Aldridge Security Team has you covered 24/7. They will investigate any unusual activity across your network and are ready to react to true threats.

Aldridge Threat Detection

4. Respond to threats

Our Security Team swiftly responds to true threats, working to shut down the attack and uncover the full story. Your advanced security tools enable a precise threat response, minimizing the disruption to your business.

Aldridge Threat Response

5. Recover from attacks

Execute our pre-prepared recovery plan to get your IT back to a healthy, secure state. Turn the lessons learned from our investigation into targeted initiatives to improve your security.

Aldridge Recovery

Getting Better IT Security is Easy


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Cybersecurity FAQs

What is Security Incident & Event Monitoring (SIEM)?

Expand your Security Team’s visibility by installing sensors on key elements of your IT environment. Enables comprehensive threat investigations by consolidating and retaining your security logs.

Learn more about SIEM

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

24/7 security monitoring by a specialized team of security analysts. They will monitor the incoming data from MDR & SIEM and respond to threats.

Learn more about SOC

What is External Vulnerability Management?

Identify your internet-facing services vulnerabilities, talk through risks, and guide remediation efforts.

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What is Security Awareness Training & Testing?

Educate your team on proper security hygiene and conduct routine mock attacks to raise your team’s vigilance and identify who needs supplemental training.

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What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Scan the marketplaces where stolen information is traded for your domain, and provide a report showing all at-risk credentials.

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What is Web Filtering?

Block known malware sources and prevent access to business-inappropriate sites.

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Add MFA to your Windows servers & add conditional access to your Microsoft 365 MFA.

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What is Email Filtering?

Protect your teams’ inboxes through advanced email filtering, VIP impersonation protection, and scan links and attachment for malicious activity.

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