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Security doesn’t stop moving – there is always some new threat or acronym you need to know about. You need a partner that will survey the security landscape and keep you informed about the things that truly matter to your business.

You should not be worried whether or not you’re secure. Partner with Aldridge and become confident that you’re prepared for whatever happens next.

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What We Bring To The Partnership


What We Bring To The Partnership


Keep you up-to-date on emerging threats and security tech innovation. Prioritize your security initiatives so that you’re focused on the highest value issues.



Implement the fundamental security tools you need to operate responsibly in today’s threat landscape. Gain confidence that your tech is healthy, backed up, and following information security best practices.



Provide an around-the-clock security team that monitors your network and managed devices for potential threats. They are ready to react, working to minimize the damage and disruption to your business.



Plan for the worst-case scenario and protect your critical technology and data so that you can maintain operations if disaster strikes. Help you navigate cyber insurance so you can get the peace-of-mind that only good insurance can provide.

Cybersecurity Service San Antonio TX

What We Need from You

This is a true partnership and we both have a part to play in securing your business. You must foster a culture that values security and takes your security policies seriously. Your security depends on your people; they are your first and last line of defense.

You’ll have help building a security-minded culture. We’ll train your team on why security should matter to them, and how to protect themselves and your company.

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Our approach to IT Security

Cybercrime is the most significant threat facing businesses and it’s only going to get worse. To help you prepare for what is coming next, we’ve developed a complete security solution that evolves as new threats and technologies emerge.

We aren’t offering a static security product – we’re offering you a way to make security a priority in your business.

Aldridge IT Security VS a typical security Solution

Aldridge IT Security VS a typical security solution

Identifying Vulnerabilities 


Quarterly review of your entire security program – your network, devices, people, and external threats. Proactively call out your vulnerabilities and manage your security initiatives up to 2 years in advance through your IT Roadmap & Budget.

Aldridge Identify Vulnerabilities


Provide a generic list of security tools and recommend you check as many boxes as possible. IT isn’t driving conversations about your security; you’re the one that has to bring it up.

Typical Identify Vulnerabilities

protecting your network, people, and data


Implement a multi-layer defense capable of recognizing and stopping sophisticated attacks on your network and devices. Train your people on security and protect them with anti-phishing measures.

Aldridge Protect Network, People, and Data


You’ll get the basics like Multi-Factor Authentication and Anti-Virus, but nothing that is capable of stopping an experienced attacker. You can’t trust that your data and people are properly protected.

Typical Protect Network, People, and Data

threat detection


Gain peace-of-mind that the Aldridge Security Team has you covered 24/7. They will investigate any unusual activity across your network and are ready to react to true threats.

Aldridge Threat Detection


You don’t have a security team staffed around-the-clock with actual people. Your tools may have automated alerting that goes to IT, but they can’t be relied upon to act quickly and decisively.

Typical Threat Detection

threat Response


Our Security Team swiftly responds to true threats, working to shut down the attack and uncover the full story. Your advanced security tools enable a precise threat response, minimizing the disruption to your business.

Aldridge Threat Response


If you’re compromised you don’t have the technical capabilities to see what really happened. Your only option is to restore your entire IT from a backup – your first resort is your last resort.

Typical Threat Response

Attack Recovery


Execute our pre-prepared recovery plan to get your IT back to a healthy, secure state. Turn the lessons learned from our investigation into targeted initiatives to improve your security.

Aldridge Recovery


Your recovery is completely reliant on your backups being stored and maintained properly. Recovery process is slow and painful because IT did not prepare for an attack ahead of time.

Typical recovery

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Cybersecurity FAQs

What is Security Incident & Event Monitoring (SIEM)?

Expand your Security Team’s visibility by installing sensors on key elements of your IT environment. Enables comprehensive threat investigations by consolidating and retaining your security logs.

Learn more about SIEM

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)?

24/7 security monitoring by a specialized team of security analysts. They will monitor the incoming data from MDR & SIEM and respond to threats.

Learn more about SOC

What is External Vulnerability Management?

Identify your internet-facing services vulnerabilities, talk through risks, and guide remediation efforts.

Learn more about External Vulnerability Management

What is Security Awareness Training & Testing?

Educate your team on proper security hygiene and conduct routine mock attacks to raise your team’s vigilance and identify who needs supplemental training.

Learn more about Security Awareness

What is Dark Web Monitoring?

Scan the marketplaces where stolen information is traded for your domain, and provide a report showing all at-risk credentials.

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What is Web Filtering?

Block known malware sources and prevent access to business-inappropriate sites.

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Add MFA to your Windows servers & add conditional access to your Microsoft 365 MFA.

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What is Email Filtering?

Protect your teams’ inboxes through advanced email filtering, VIP impersonation protection, and scan links and attachment for malicious activity.

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