“Aldridge is proactive. They don’t stand by and let things happen. They act, they prevent.”

Keith, manufacturing, Houston

“Aldridge has been a great partner for our company. Regardless of big or small issues or needs, they help us get it done promptly and with minimal downtime.”

Jeff, manufacturing, Houston

“As a long-term client of Aldridge, I have always been impressed with the high levels of service provided by their team. They are certainly a standout in the managed IT support sector.”

Donna, professional services, Dallas

“The service and support we receive from Aldridge is always excellent. The response time is incredible, the level of expertise is extremely high and the professionalism of the staff is impressive.”

Michael, distribution, Seattle

“If we didn’t have Aldridge, our day-to-day lives would be a bit challenging. I can’t even imagine what we would do without that support.”

Monica, nonprofit, Seattle

“Aldridge worked with us to better understand our technology, empower us to use it better, and deal with everything that we couldn’t.”

Eric, energy, Houston

“They’re proactive about our IT needs. We couldn’t make it without Aldridge’s support and partnership.”

Amie, construction, Dallas

“Aldridge always delivers over and above my expectations and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for IT outsourcing providers.”

Robert, manufacturing, Houston

“The work that Aldridge does in helping us, not only on a day-to-day basis, but planning for the future, is very valuable.”

Leigh, nonprofit, Dallas

“Aldridge has been a great partner to work with. They are honest, flexible and competent.”

Saleem, technology, Dallas

“The quality of Aldridge’s work is above reproach and I would recommend Aldridge for superior IT service. They are a pleasure to do business with.”

Weldon, professional services, Houston

“Consider Aldridge as your IT outsourcing provider. They do what they say!”

Jeff, transportation, Seattle

“We are all in with Aldridge and we’re very happy with them.”

Peggy, construction, Dallas


Testimonial from Communities Foundation of Texas

By |August 30th, 2020|

We help clients achieve their goals by aligning technology with business objectives. "The work that Aldridge does for us in helping us, not only on a day-to-day basis but planning for the future, is very valuable," Director of Accounting Leigh Schaefers said...

Complete IT

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistently high quality service delivered by Aldridge and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hard-working company in the managed IT support sector.”

Saleem Q., RaaWee Inc

“The Aldridge team has been exceptional since day one: smart, proactive, responsive, highly organized and professional. Finally—it is a pleasure to confer with an IT firm—because you can understand what’s being said and be confident of a practical solution that will be implemented correctly and actually work the first time to solve the problem.”

Robert P., The Terry Foundation

“From the easy, day-to-day problems to the large scale projects, Aldridge is at the top of their game in expertise, recommendations, efficiency and customer service. They have been and continue to be a vital part of our business.”

Jeff W., Woven Metal Products, Inc.

“Aldridge is an exceptionally professional IT company. The response time, expertise and accountability is excellent. Problems solved, frustrations eliminated and focus on productivity restored. I highly recommend Aldridge.” 

Michael P., DP Aviation

“As a long-term client of Aldridge, I have always been impressed at the high levels of service provided by their team. They are certainly a stand out in managed IT support sector.”

Donna J., PriceKubecka

“The service our company receives from Aldridge is excellent from the CIO to every Service Technician, Aldridge exceeds our company’s IT requirements. THANK YOU.”

Michael, Professional Services

“These are challenging times for sure – great to have a partner like Aldridge to support our company. Thanks yall great job!”

Keith, Manufacturing