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Upgrade IT to achieve more with less.

IT Managed Services For Your Business

Does your IT need a complete overhaul? Or, do you just need help filling in the gaps? Our scalable IT services provide the expertise and resources you need for successful IT, no matter where your business is at.

What do you need?

Complete IT Outsourcing

Complete IT Outsourcing

You want to leave IT to the experts, so you can focus on your business.

You don’t have to build an IT department on your own. We’ve spent the last 40 years developing a blueprint for successful IT and cultivating an expert team; you can use what we’ve already built.

Adaptive IT Outsourcing

Co-managed IT Outsourcing

You already have an IT team, but they need some help.

We’ll help maximize your current teams’ value by filling in the missing pieces. Whether you need a strategic vision for IT, or a larger team to handle the day-to-day.

What You Get When You Outsource IT With Aldridge

Our Complete IT Outsourcing service provides everything you need for successful IT – Strategy, Design, Implementation, Support, and Security. For Co-managed IT Outsourcing, we’ll help you determine which services make sense to support your current team.

an IT Strategy that enables your business

Tell us where you’re trying take your business – long term vision and current goals. We’ll develop a strategy to get IT to where it needs to be to support your plan.



You’ll have an IT Roadmap that plans and budgets for all IT initiatives up to 2 years in advance. No more IT surprises.


Keep you informed on risks to your business and provide guidance on managing your risk with respect to risk severity and cost of remediation.


Identify which technology, systems, and data are core to your operations. Create a continuity plan so that your business is ready for whatever “once in a lifetime” event happens next.


Provide policies, procedures, and technical controls to create a consistent IT experience across your business. No more ad-hoc IT.


If technology and security directly support your core value proposition, you need a Chief Information Officer leading your IT strategy and representing IT to leadership.

Learn more about Fractional CIO services.

Strategic It Services

best-fit it design

Translate your strategy into an actionable IT plan that covers your hardware, network, applications, and user experience. Our Design philosophy is to create simple solutions that meet your IT requirements and budget.



You’ll have access to a team of Solution Architects. Just tell them what you’re trying to accomplish and they will design an IT plan that will get you there.


We continuously evaluate the landscape of available technology, put it through our R&D process, and compile the best technology for business into our Technology Catalog. No more researching tech on your own, just look in our catalog for a solution that works for you.


Best-Fit It Design

on-time & on-budget Implementations

Our dedicated Projects team will proactively manage your IT implementations, minimizing the impact on your operations. Take advantage of our in-house Procurement Team for end-to-end hardware procurement.



Our dedicated Projects Team will manage the standard IT implementations that come out of your regular Business Reviews (e.g., hardware replacements, upgrades) as well as any one-off larger projects. Standard IT Projects come included with Complete IT Outsourcing.

Learn more about our IT Project services.


Buying hardware doesn’t have to be a pain. Our Procurement Team provides end-to-end hardware procurement. You can click-and-buy standard hardware through our Client Portal or just tell Procurement what you need and they will handle everything – it’ll show up at your office ready to go.


It Projects & Hardware Procurement


When you need help, getting IT support is easy. Our US-based support team works around your schedule to get you up and running as soon as possible.



Your devices, network, cloud, applications, vendors, and people.


When an emergency strikes, our around-the-clock Rapid Response team is ready to help. We work non-emergency requests during our standard support hours 7 AM – 7 PM.


24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring your IT environment, ready to jump in when an issue occurs.


Stay ahead of potential problems through proactive, routine maintenance of your company’s IT.


Dispatch support to your location when appropriate.


Click here to learn about how Aldridge support works and our guarantees to you.

It Support Services


Protect what you’ve built. We’ll help you manage your cyber risks so that you can work confidently, knowing you’re prepared for whatever comes next.



    Proactive threat protection on company devices, monitored 24/7 by Aldridge’s Security Team.


    Implement the security non-negotiables (e.g., MFA) to make sure your business maintains a basic level of security. If you require more than the basics, you need Security+.


    React to confirmed threats, stop them, and minimize damage. Uncover the full scope of the incident and recommend recovery steps.


    Maintain a scorecard that tracks your security progress – the protections you have already implemented and what you’re missing. Provide guidance on improving your security scorecard during your Business Reviews. It also makes answering cyber insurance questionnaires much easier.


    Inventory your business-critical IT assets and data, recommend recovery solutions for each, and help you restore them when necessary.


    If you’re in a regulated industry, work with protected data, or have any advanced security requirements you need Security+. Click here to learn more.

    It Security Services

    What Our Clients Say About Our IT Outsourcing Services

    “Aldridge is a valuable business partner. We rely on them for all of our technological support, cyber security as well as adopting what is considered best practices in the world of IT”  – Dan, Manufacturing

    “Fast, reliable and friendly. We’ve been with Aldridge for years and the best part is being able to develop a relationship with the techs you work with over and over.”  – Jamie, Healthcare

    “Aldridge has been our IT Department for several years! They are always quick to respond and get our issues fixed so we are back up and running again!”  – Robyn, Real Estate

    “We have been with Aldridge for many years. They have been wonderful to work with. They are responsible and promptly deal with any issues we may have.”  – Curt, Professional Services

    How To Get Started With IT Outsourcing

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    Get a Plan

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    Partner With Us

    If our plan for your IT makes sense to you, we’ll run with it.

    Stop Thinking About IT

    IT is handled – now you can get back to what actually matters to you.

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    Common IT Outsourcing Questions

    What is the difference between IT outsourcing and managed services?

    In the technology industry, we often use the terms IT outsourcing and managed services interchangeably. However, managed services are more accurately defined as a practice of IT outsourcing.

    Managed IT services providers, or MSPs, proactively handle the management responsibilities and functions of a business’s technology. MSPs also provide strategic recommendations for improving operations and cutting expenses.

    How much does IT outsourcing cost?

    Outsourced IT services are not a commodity and their prices vary from market to market. The value of an IT service provider is dependent upon the level and breadth of services it offers.

    Not all providers use the same billing model, however, the most common is the flat-rate, all-inclusive method of billing. IT companies that use this system generally charge between $115 and $175 per user, per month. MSPs with more integrated lines of business and customer-facing applications tend to be priced at a higher rate, however, a higher cost MSP is more likely to supply your business with the support and resources it needs to operate efficiently.

    How do I spot a bad managed services provider?

    Managed IT services providers should provide solutions that best fit your needs, however not all MSPs meet this standard. Below we’ve listed some red flags to help you spot a bad managed services provider.

    • No assessment of your current IT
    • No CIO, C-level expertise, or consulting
    • No proactive support measures
    • No justifiable spending
    • No communication
    What markets does Aldridge serve?

    We are a leading IT outsourcing and managed services provider for small to medium-sized businesses. We have offices in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Seattle.

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