Managed IT Services

Outsource IT and focus on your core business

IT Outsourcing or Managed Services?

No matter what you call it, managing IT for small to midsize businesses is what we do. You need the expertise, support, and technology necessary for successful IT, and we save you the cost and hassle of doing it in-house.

Comprehensive IT Strategy

You know your company better than anyone, so we’ll take the time to sit down with you and learn about your business – your goals, risks, and vision. We will develop an IT strategy aligned to your business’s direction, helping you achieve your business goals. Your business will stay current because we continuously fine-tune your IT strategy based on new technologies, practices, and cybersecurity threats.

IT Roadmap and Budget

We create and maintain a strategic IT Roadmap and budget specific to your business. Your roadmap will outline, budget, and schedule all major IT initiatives for the next 18 to 24 months. This level of strategic planning will reduce surprise IT costs and unexpected downtime.

Managed IT Services Designed for Your Business

You need a technology solution that addresses your IT needs while considering your business operations and budget. Our solutions architects will understand your business, enabling them to design best-fit technology solutions that make sense for your company.

Dedicated IT Support Team

Keeping your team productive and efficient is a top priority. We will provide you with a small, local IT support team that is dedicated to your business. IT issues are less stressful when you can rely on a familiar support specialist who knows you, your team, and your business.

IT Begins and Ends With Security

IT security is a top concern for small to midsize businesses. Cybercriminals regularly target smaller businesses because they often lack the internal security resources and knowledge to defend themselves.

By working with us, your business will have access to the cybersecurity expertise and resources necessary to protect you from ongoing cyberthreats. We provide a solid cybersecurity baseline while working with your team to build a robust IT security culture through security awareness training and more.

Common IT Outsourcing Questions

What is the difference between IT outsourcing and managed services?

In the technology industry, we often use the terms IT outsourcing and managed services interchangeably. However, managed services are more accurately defined as a practice of IT outsourcing.

Managed IT services providers, or MSPs, proactively handle the management responsibilities and functions of a business’s technology. MSPs also provide strategic recommendations for improving operations and cutting expenses.

How much does IT outsourcing cost?

Outsourced IT services are not a commodity and their prices vary from market to market. The value of an IT service provider is dependent upon the level and breadth of services it offers.

Not all providers use the same billing model, however, the most common is the flat-rate, all-inclusive method of billing. IT companies that use this system generally charge between $115 and $175 per user, per month. MSPs with more integrated lines of business and customer-facing applications tend to be priced at a higher rate, however, a higher cost MSP is more likely to supply your business with the support and resources it needs to operate efficiently.

How do I spot a bad managed services provider?

Managed IT services providers should provide solutions that best fit your needs, however not all MSPs meet this standard. Below we’ve listed some red flags to help you spot a bad managed services provider.

  • No assessment of your current IT
  • No CIO, C-level expertise, or consulting
  • No proactive support measures
  • No justifiable spending
  • No communication
What markets does Aldridge serve?

We are a leading IT outsourcing and managed services provider for small to medium-sized businesses. We have offices in Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Seattle.

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