Co-Managed IT Services

Partner with us to empower your IT team

When is it time to consider co-managed IT?

Organizations of all sizes turn to us for co-managed IT when they:

  • Want to get their internal IT team out of the day-to-day, and focused on higher-value, strategic initiatives
  • Need cybersecurity expertise and advanced security capabilities
  • Want a scalable IT solution, that is not dependent on one person
  • Want to leverage our tools and proven framework for IT delivery, and not re-invent it themselves

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How we supplement your IT team

Our co-managed IT services are designed to support your team’s unique mix of skills, requirements, and goals. We’ve broken down our co-managed IT Service into 4 modules and we’ll create a tailored co-managed IT plan to empower your team.:


Responsive and swift technical
assistance from day-to-day user
support through highly specialized IT


Expert guidance to help you solve
business challenges, meet compliance
obligations, or optimize how your team
uses technology.


Around-the-clock monitoring of
your IT environment and proactive
maintenance to keep your IT healthy
and running smoothly.


Provide the security resources
necessary to protect your data and
maintain the privacy, integrity, and
availability of business-critical IT

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Empower internal IT for strategic initiatives by delegating routine tasks.

Gain access to supplementary IT expertise without the overhead of recruitment.

Enhanced cybersecurity defenses with added capabilities.

Secure, reliable systems without overloading your team.

Scale up the IT team while optimizing operational expenditures simultaneously.



No internal IT team?

Learn more about our Complete IT Managed Services.

How To Get Started with Co-managed IT

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You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds.

An internal team of dedicated IT staff coupled with resources from an expert Managed Service Provider.