IT Support

We support your people and the technology they work with

Our Approach to IT Support

You shouldn’t dread having to call IT support, so we developed a customer-first IT support experience. As an IT outsourcing client, you’ll have:

Small Dedicated IT Support Teams

Your business will have a local IT support team assigned to it in one of our locations–Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, or Seattle. IT issues are less stressful when you can rely on a familiar support specialist who knows you and your business.

IT Support on Your Terms

You should have a say in how you receive IT support. You can choose which support specialist you want to work on your issue and when you want them to help you.

Rapid Response Team

You will have a team equipped with all technical skill levels that is always on standby to address any emergency issues or major incidents.

The Aldridge Client Portal

Your one stop for everything Aldridge. Within the Client Portal you can:


Submit new support requests, track existing requests, and reference previous requests


Access training courses and other technology-related educational content


As a billing contact, view billing information and review and approve quotes

Service Level Agreement

Know when and how your IT support request will be resolved. Our competitive Service Level Agreement (SLA) classifies support requests by their impact and outlines how your issue will be handled based on its severity.

As a new IT outsourcing client, you can expect:

Minute Response Time

Response Time refers to how quickly we receive, classify, and route your support requests. 95% of support requests have a response time of less than 15 minutes.

Minute Reaction Time

Reaction Time is how quickly we will begin actual work on support requests that are considered urgent. 95% of urgent requests have a reaction time of less than one hour (30 minutes for extremely urgent issues).


Resolution Time

Resolution Time is how quickly we solve your issue. 95% of support requests have a resolution time under 4 hours for urgent issues, and 1 day for standard issues.

Ready To Get the IT Support You Deserve?

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