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Effective IT

Our team of certified IT professionals can offer you unparalleled IT support. Whether your business has 20 users or 100 users, the entire team needs efficient and attentive IT support personnel on hand to resolve current IT issues and plan for future IT needs. We don’t just want an easy fix, because those types of solutions tend to break down the road.

Instead, our goal is to provide businesses with effective IT support solutions to provide a foundation for future advancement and business scaling. Building with growth in mind allows our tech solutions to help facilitate business expansion when it arrives—rather than reworking our IT support strategy when you outgrow your current setup. Productivity is heavily impacted when users experience system problems and complications. We provide efficient systems for our clients to increase user capabilities and make their jobs easier.

What is
IT support?

On a literal level, IT support is an incredibly broad term referring to any assistance given with technology-related products and services. In a business setting, however, the role is primarily to help monitor and maintain computer systems and networks across an organization.

IT support is an innovative way to educate, engage, and empower your people to work smarter and accomplish more for your business.

What are the
benefits of IT support?

We work hard to provide our clients with outstanding IT support services and software options. In our opinion, part of providing this exceptional service includes:

  • IT support available when you need it through our Service Desk
  • Consultations on new software
  • Strategic IT support services aligned with business goals
  • Focus on long-term solutions, rather than short-term contract-based IT support
  • Professional and courteous IT support staff
  • Communication tailored to be easily understood by your staff, whatever their experience with technical IT jargon

By outsourcing your IT support services, you are partnering with a team working to advance your business through exceptional IT maintenance and consulting expertise. We have the IT experience necessary to diagnose and solve IT support issues and the understanding to precisely tailor our IT services to help your business grow safely and smoothly.

Common questions about
IT support

How Do You Set Performance Expectations for IT Support?

We often talk to businesses whose employees are stuck waiting for their IT problems to be fixed without any clarity as to when and how the issue will be resolved. Clear expectations around handling IT issues are key to measuring the expediency and quality of IT support delivered to your business. Our Response and Resolution Guarantee is our team’s promise to provide consistent support to reflect the priorities of our clients by accounting for the cost impact of an issue on their business.

How much does IT Support Cost?

IT support services are not a commodity and their prices vary from market to market. The value of the provider depends on the level and breadth of services it offers. You must also take into consideration the age and number of servers and desktops being used in your organization.

Check out our blog on the cost of Managed IT services to get a better understanding of the cost and value.

How Do I spot bad IT support providers?

IT support providers should deliver solutions to best fit your needs, however not all MSPs meet this standard. Below we’ve listed some red flags to help you spot a bad managed services provider.

  • No assessment of your current IT
  • No vCIO, C-level expertise, or consulting

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Complete IT

“As a long-term client of Aldridge, I have always been impressed at the high levels of service provided by their team. They are certainly a stand out in managed IT support sector.”

Donna J., PriceKubecka

“Aldridge is an exceptionally professional IT company. The response time, expertise and accountability is excellent. Problems solved, frustrations eliminated and focus on productivity restored. I highly recommend Aldridge.” 

Michael P., DP Aviation

“From the easy, day-to-day problems to the large scale projects, Aldridge is at the top of their game in expertise, recommendations, efficiency and customer service. They have been and continue to be a vital part of our business.”

Jeff W., Woven Metal Products, Inc.

“The Aldridge team has been exceptional since day one: smart, proactive, responsive, highly organized and professional. Finally—it is a pleasure to confer with an IT firm—because you can understand what’s being said and be confident of a practical solution that will be implemented correctly and actually work the first time to solve the problem.”

Robert P., The Terry Foundation

“I have been pleasantly surprised by the consistently high quality service delivered by Aldridge and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a hard-working company in the managed IT support sector.”

Saleem Q., RaaWee Inc