IT Consulting

IT solutions that support your strategic business goals

What are IT Consulting Services?

IT Consulting is the practice of senior-level IT professionals providing guidance and recommendations around technology solutions for your business. 


Common reasons you should considering IT consulting services


Planning for company growth


Lack overall IT strategy


Switching technology


Cloud migration


Cybersecurity initiatives


Disaster recovery & business continuity planning

Fractional CIO Services

When you receive IT consulting services from us, you get more than an IT expert. You get a Fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO) who will be responsible for  defining your IT strategy, overseeing its successful application, and keeping up-to-date on your business so they can continually tune your IT Roadmap & Budget.

A CIO is the executive in charge of information technology within an organization, and our Fractional CIOs have decades of IT and business experience. Some even owned and operated their own businesses. Their extensive leadership experience allows them to understand your perspective and goals, enabling the development of tailored IT solutions that meet your needs.

What Will Your Fractional CIO Do for Your Business?

It Strategy & Vision

IT Strategy & Vision

Develop a cohesive IT strategy that aligns with and supports your business objectives

It Roadmap & Budget

IT Roadmap & Budget

Create and maintain a roadmap of all major IT initiatives for the next 18-24 months so you know where you’re going, how you’re getting there, and what it’s going to cost

It Security

IT Security

Guide the development of a security culture that makes sense for your business–uncover the right mix of protection, convenience, and cost

Bring New Technology

Bring New Technology

Vet the landscape of available technologies and proactively suggest new technology that can help your team work smarter

Technology Optimization

Technology Optimization

Call out opportunities to reduce your technology spend and increase process efficiencies

Risk Management & Mitigation

Risk Management & Mitigation

Identify your risks, classify and explain severity, and provide guidance on remediation

IT Strategy Development Workshops

Your Fractional CIO will lead a series of workshops designed to uncover your challenges and business objectives so that they can build an IT strategy that brings the right technology to the table.

Efficiency and Office Productivity Workshop

Discover bottlenecks impeding your organization’s success.

Business Impact Analysis

Uncover the operational and financial impact that downtime has for each of your major systems.

Custom Security Planning Workshop

Balance the proper level of IT security and convenience so your employees can work effectively with minimal risk.

Custom IT Policy Development

Understand your core problems and risks so we can create customized IT policies that effectively address your company’s needs.

Industry Analysis Workshop

Position your business as a strong competitor in your market by leveraging our wide range of industry expertise.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Workshop

Prepare your IT environment and people to be able to continue operations when the unexpected occurs.

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