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Business goals aligned with
IT solutions

IT consulting is a practice that advises companies on the best ways to use technology in their business. Consulting looks at your infrastructure, evaluates what’s going on in your business, and makes recommendations about the best path forward.

Busy chief executives and chief financial officers have a lot on their plates—they know where they want their business to go and often find success leveraging IT outsourcing. IT consulting relieves C-level executives of the hassle of technology management by developing a plan for IT solutions that is aligned with business goals and objectives.

What are the benefits of
IT Consulting?

There are three benefits of IT consulting:

  1. Tailored recommendations from experts

IT consultants provide expertise in a number of areas, including cloud migrations, infrastructure and network design, Office 365 strategy, data backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, and security. We speak to your company’s C-suite to gain an understanding of your challenges and goals so that we may recommend individualized best-fit solutions.

  1. IT budgeting and planning

IT consulting provides businesses with a strategic plan for technology spending. We familiarize ourselves with your business and infrastructure as well as look at your budgets and IT staff. After we determine what you need to maintain a healthy and adaptable IT environment, we develop a customized 24-month IT roadmap that details strategy and outlines expenses, including IT staff salaries or IT outsourcing costs.

  1. Reduces risk

The do-it-yourself approach to IT can put your environment and data at risk. IT consultants are experts that know how to properly plan and execute migrations and other projects.


I have an IT guy. Why can’t he do this?

He probably can. But remember that your “IT guy” is your also help desk and network engineer, as well as your chief information officer. A one or two-person IT department spends so much of its day doing break-fix and desktop support that it just doesn’t have time to create strategic, forward-looking plans about your company’s technology. Also, small IT departments are often isolated from other parts of the business—this means that your IT guy may not be aware of your company’s goals and won’t be able to develop strategic solutions to solve your technology challenges.

Additionally, a one or two-person IT department simply can’t know everything there is to know about infrastructure and network design, cloud migrations, data backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, and security. Ultimately, it may be faster and easier to call in an IT consultant.

Why does my business need IT consulting?

Typically, businesses seek out consultants when they don’t know what to do, or know what to do but don’t have the skills and expertise to do it themselves.

IT consulting can map out the technology landscape for companies that are planning to grow, have aging infrastructure, or are considering cloud technology. Such companies may be considering hardware replacements or moving their data to the cloud but are not sure what’s right for them. IT consulting can make tailored recommendations about hardware and hosted applications that are tailored to your business.

Some businesses put off technology projects or put up with poorly functioning IT for fear of wasting money while others take the DIY approach to IT, often spending too much or too little on technology investments. For example, some businesses may be paying for large amounts of cloud storage space they’ll never use. Alternatively, a company may be neglecting to replace end-of-life PCs because of the cost, putting their data at risk.

Working with a consultant to identify risks and establish a plan before spending on IT could save money, and reduce frustration, in the long run.

How do I select an IT Consultant?

Choosing the right IT consultant depends on what your business needs. All IT consultants are not created equal—each have specialties and work best with companies of a certain size, so you’ll need to do your research to gain an understanding of their service focus and areas of expertise.

Small and medium-sized businesses should look for consultants that have worked with other SMBs. IT consultants that have experience with SMBs are familiar with the challenges facing smaller businesses and are more likely to suggest tailored solutions instead of expensive enterprise-level products they don’t need.

What are the signs of a bad IT consultant?

IT consultants should provide solutions that best fit the client’s needs, however not all consulting firms meet this standard. Below we’ve listed some red flags to help you spot a bad IT consultant.

  • They make recommendations before understanding your business
  • They don’t have experience with your project or problem
  • They’re not familiar with your company’s size or industry

Schedule a consultation to avoid these mistakes.

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What markets does Aldridge serve? 

We are a leading IT support provider for small to medium-sized businesses. Our main headquarters is in Houston but we have additional offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Seattle.

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