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[Webinar] Microsoft Excel: Beyond the basics

Watch the training to learn advanced Excel techniques and best practices. You’ll get a quick overview of Excel’s advanced features and common business use cases. No matter what your experience with Excel is, you’ll leave this training with something new.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

[Webinar] microsoft 365 copilot | Ai made easy

You’ll learn how to get Copilot, what it can do, and how to implement it the right way. We’ve been experimenting with Copilot within our own business – we’ll share our own experience working with Copilot and the pros and cons so you can determine if it makes sense for your business.

Microsoft 365 Copilot

[WEBINAR] Prepare, Respond, & Recover | Take control of your cyber risk

Our expert panelists give an update on today’s cyber threats, and why it is only a matter of time before your business will be breached. If you start planning for an attack today – thinking through your risks and implementing the right risk management tools, you can survive any cyberattack.

Take Control of Your Cyber Risk

[WEBINAR] 2024 AI Update | Lessons Learned from Our AI Journey

A candid update on our project to implement AI across our business. We want to share our AI journey, warts and all, because we believe that everyone who is interested in AI will benefit from the lessons that we have learned the hard way.

Lessons Learned from Our AI Journey


AI can be a powerful boost, or a huge distraction. Learn how to transform your business with AI the right way. We aren’t talking about what AI could maybe do some years down the road – we’re talking about how you can use AI to optimize your business today.

[Webinar] AI Made Simple


Understand the most important concepts of security awareness and arm you with the tools you need to be proactive in identifying and responding to potential threats.

[Webinar] Security Awareness 101


Learn how to become more agile & scalable during times of uncertainty. You’ll gain insight into tips to help improve your current back-office efficiency, risk management, and optimizing your costs.

[Webinar] Winning Back-Office Strategies


Learn about what the future of cybersecurity looks like for businesses, and what you need to get ready for what’s coming next.

[Webinar] 2023 State of Cybersecurity


Do you want to be better at PowerPoint? Learn navigation tips and tricks, how to collaborate effectively, and leveraging PowerPoints tools to design better presentations.

[Webinar] Cyber Insurance: Getting The Right Coverage & Preparing for Change

Experts from Aldridge and FifthWall Solutions will talk you through a brief history of the cyber insurance industry, and what you can expect the future of cyber coverage to look like.

[Webinar] Cyber Insurance

M&A For MSPs: An Inside Look at Two Recent Deals

The former owners of ENTRUST and Tarrant Tech joined Aldridge and Cogent to discuss the recent acquisitions and what it took to get the deals done. 

An Inside Look at Two Recent Deals

M&A For MSPs: A Buyer’s Approach to Valuation

Watch our virtual workshop covering how a buyer should approach the valuation process when buying another MSP. 

A Buyer’s Approach to Valuation

M&A For MSPs: What You Need to Know If You Ever Want to Sell Your Business

M&A experts discuss the basics of how to prepare your MSP for an acquisition and how a first-timer can navigate the M&A process.

What You Need to Know If You Ever Want to Sell Your Business

Aligning Technology with Opportunity in the Construction Industry

Listen to our panel of construction experts address topics aligning technology with opportunity in the construction industry.

Aligning Technology with Opportunity in the Construction Industry

Modernize Your Data Strategy: Graduating from Reporting to Analytics

Aldridge, the Rand Group, & Conquest Completion Services discuss how each company achieved success in transforming their approach to data analytics.

Modernize Your Data Strategy