[Virtual Workshop] M&A For MSPs: An Inside Look at Two Recent Deals

June 25th, 2021 | Aldridge News

Aldridge, advised by M&A intermediary Cogent Growth Partners, recently acquired two MSPs, ENTRUST and Tarrant Tech. On Thursday, June 24th, the former owners of ENTRUST and Tarrant Tech joined Aldridge and Cogent to discuss the recent acquisitions and what it took to get the deals done. A few topics that we covered are:

  • Why did Chad and his partners initially say “No,” and what changed their minds?
  • How did Chad and Mitch know if Aldridge was a good fit for their people and clients?
  • How do Chad and Mitch navigate the decision to “stay or go”?
  • How was the process from initial introduction to close (and the bumps along the way)?
  • What value did the professionals (M&A specialists, attorneys, tax consultants) add?
  • How the integration plan is going so far.

Listen today for a behind-the-scenes look at the M&A experience from all perspectives!