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Testimonial from Antares Homes

September 15th, 2020 | Aldridge News


Peggy Smithley: Aldridge has been a godsend for me.

Because we have so many remote people in the company, we have our builders who are out in the field and we have the sales offices that are remote, so to have that partner for IT that I can depend on and just tell people, “Call Aldridge,” or “Send a help desk ticket to Aldridge,” and it gets taken care of.

Locke Lynch: I do feel that having an IT support team is worth the investment.

If you have one IT person working in your office and they take a weeklong vacation and you can’t get in touch with them, that’s when everything goes wrong. And if you don’t have somebody you can go to or somebody you can talk to, it hurts.

But if you have that support staff that you can reach out to to keep the business going and keep things flowing, that’s when that week—that’s a critical week and it’s a great week to have them. So, it’s worth the investment year-round.

Dan Parrish: One of the best things that I’ve experienced with Aldridge that they do that other companies that we’ve worked with in the past haven’t is the communication is there.

I didn’t have to go through, “Here’s my problem,” all over again or, “Here’s the issue I’m having,” all over again. They’ve got good follow up, it’s been good. It’s been a pleasure to be associated with Aldridge.

Peggy: Prior to Aldridge, I would have to leave the office and drive out to Weatherford or wherever and take care of things and with Aldridge they are able to remotely handle all of our problems. And if they can’t handle it remotely, they will send somebody out to take care of it. So, it’s great.

I think what we pay Aldridge is very much worthwhile. They saved us recently, this year, a huge amount of money [on] a cloud service that we were using in recommending that we move everything over to SharePoint.

We are all in with Aldridge. Our phone system is through Aldridge, our IT outsourcing is through Aldridge, our email—and we’re very happy with all of them.

IT outsourcing, number one, works better than just having one person in-house because if you’ve got five people with five problems and they all call the help desk at the same time and there’s only one person, only one person is going to get an answer at that point.

I can have five people with a problem who are getting help all at the same time. It’s just such a better option for us to have an outsourced IT company and Aldridge has really fit the bill well for us.

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