IT Resolution. Guaranteed.

For companies with 25 to 200 computer users.

Why Outsource Your IT to Aldridge?

IT outsourcing delivers all the power and capabilities of your own IT department without the burden of managing it yourself. Have IT that works and free your business to focus on what it does best by outsourcing your IT services to Aldridge.

Help Desk and User Support

Do you have an IT concern? Simply call or email to get help from our client-service focused technicians and engineers 24/7/365.

Email Made Easier

Frustrated with your current e-mail system? We make e-mail easy so you can stop worrying about your technology for good.

Backup and Data Protection

Avoid data disasters. Aldridge offers a cloud-hosted and on-site hybrid solution to help prepare your business for the unexpected. 


Cloud Services & Office 365

Enhance availability and collaboration throughout your business with remote access to critical data and applications from the desk to the web. 

Email Protection

Worried about the security of your company's data? Regain peace of mind with a Email / Spam Protection from Aldridge .


Simplify the Complexity of IT

Our Mission at Aldridge is to make technology easy to utilize for our clients. Our experts use strategic thinking, systems, processes, and standardization techniques to streamline IT and give your organization the consistent results you should expect. 

Improve Your IT Support

Aldridge is the go-to company for IT Outsourcing and support since 1984. We serve small and medium size businesses that want to improve their IT experience and attain consistent results at a consistent IT investment.


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