Microsoft 365 Copilot Microsoft 365 Copilot

AI Made Easy

Are you looking to become an AI-powered business? It’s time to put the power of Microsoft 365 Copilot to work!

What is Covered

Learn about Microsoft’s new integrated AI tool, Copilot for Microsoft 365. You’ll learn how to get Copilot, what it can do, and how to implement it the right way.

We’ve been experimenting with Copilot within our own business – we’ll share our own experience working with Copilot and the pros and cons so you can determine if it makes sense for your business.


  • What is Microsoft Copilot – crash course in Microsoft’s powerful new AI tool
  • Copilot use cases – highlight ways you can leverage copilots features
  • Is it worth it? – understand the cost of copilot and help you determine if it makes sense for your business
  • How to implement AI – learn how to conduct a successful AI implementation (it’s not easy, trust us)
  • AI for security-minded businesses – copilot operates under your current Microsoft data privacy agreement, learn what this means and why it matters

The Speakers

Managed IT Services – Aldrige
Chad Hiatt - Chief Technology Officer

Chad Hiatt

Chief Technology Officer

At Aldridge, Chad is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His role entails working to further advance the company’s technology strengths, thought leadership, and value delivery to clients.  Chad’s technology career began early, programming his own games as a kid and writing educational software in grade school. Chad started his first IT company before he could drive, and during the 30 years of his career, has developed into a technology and security architect with the skills to identify, align, and execute the IT strategies and initiatives of organizations across a variety of industries. 

Managed IT Services – Aldrige
Bryan Gregory - President

Bryan Gregory


Bryan joined Aldridge in 2008 as the firm’s first salesperson. Bryan now serves as its President, leading sales and marketing. In 15 years, he has overseen 17 acquisitions, expanding across Texas and Washington. Bryan’s focus is understanding clients’ businesses to leverage the right technology and security solutions to enable their growth and success.

Copilot Readiness Assessment

Find out if your organization is ready to start using Copilot. Our self assessment will ask you 30 questions about how you use Microsoft and your data security to identify if Copilot makes sense for you. Our assessment also will provide resources for each question to help you resolve any issues that are uncovered.