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Small Business Cybersecurity Checklist

From noteworthy data breaches to rapid increases in the number of ransomware threats, it’s no surprise that cybersecurity has become a major concern for companies. But the myth that cybercriminals only target large corporations is just that—a myth. In fact, 61 percent of data breaches happen to businesses with fewer than 1,000 employees. Data breaches, hacks and ransomware can have devastating effects on small and medium-sized businesses, often causing loss…
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Equifax Hack Puts Personal Data of Millions at Risk

On Thursday, September 7, credit reporting agency Equifax announced a cybersecurity incident that has the potential to impact 143 million of its U.S. customers. According to Equifax’s statement, the breach occurred from May 13 to July 30 after hackers exploited a vulnerability in the Apache Struts web application that supports their online dispute portal. The information obtained primarily included names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and in some cases, driver’s license…
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5 Cybersecurity Myths Every Business Should Debunk

1. "Cybersecurity is solely about technology." Today's businesses are almost entirely dependent on data and more importantly, the security and accessibility of this data. Cybersecurity involves both the correct implementation of technology as well as the thorough education and threat awareness of employees. Your organization can purchase and configure a defense for your IT network, but if your employees are unaware of tactics such as social engineering, they can easily…
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Business Continuity for Engineering Firms: Why Your Firm Should Care About More Than Data Backup

Data continuity, disaster recovery, and business continuity are related, but not the same. Designing business continuity for engineering firms can be difficult if the firm has an incomplete understanding of the differences between data continuity, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Does your firm back up its critical files? Where is your firm's business-critical data stored? How will your employees access the information they need to do their jobs in the event…
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Companies Are Embracing Next Gen Firewalls, Should You?

In today's technology landscape, everything is connected. Thus, everything is vulnerable to cyber threats if the necessary security measures are not in place. If you're a company with an IT solution, you're likely already using a firewall. However, is it effective? Do you know what firewall solution your company uses? Do you know what the technology protects against? Firewalls are standard security protocol among companies, but even firewalls can vary…
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WannaCry: Understanding and Preventing the Global Ransomware Attack

You've likely already heard the buzz about WannaCry, the global ransomware attack that affected thousands of companies on Friday, May 12, 2017. More than 200, 000 computers in 150 different countries were infected by WannaCry, and the risk is still imminent for those without the proper technology and security protocols in place. Ransomware is malware that locks you out of your business-critical files and demands a ransom be paid to…
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Remote Access Security Risks

  If your business uses Office 365, who controls your file permissions? If your business uses a remote desktop solution, how often are users required to change their passwords? How will you know if a network compromise occurs? Every organization is different and so is every remote access solution. Your IT team or managed IT services provider must be able to implement, monitor, and manage the security of your remote…
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CryptoLocker: What It Is and How To Mitigate It

At Aldridge, CryptoLocker is no stranger. Our team of technical professionals have helped hundreds of companies fight for the security of their data. Yes, there are technical measures that have been developed to prevent malware like CryptoLocker from hijacking your files, but cybercriminals have made a business out of this information thievery, and their methods develop right alongside prevention tactics. This is why it's important to stay informed about the latest…
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Future Impacts of Cybersecurity Threats on Businesses

In 2014, 71% of organizations reported to have been affected by a cyber security attack. Phishing and malware scams have proven to be two of the top threats impelling businesses to attempt to safeguard their network security. The methods hackers are using to fool victims into doing things such as clicking on a malicious link or downloading fake software are becoming increasingly more difficult to identify as threats. As 2016 commences,…
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Nonprofit Business Associate Faces HIPAA Violation Penalties

  A recent report of a data breach incident has left a bitter taste in the mouths of HIPAA bound business associates (defined below) across the nation. Such organizations were already rattled by the Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) plan to hold a series of random audits throughout 2016, but the OCR's decision to find blame and assess a fine against the business associate directly has elicited additional concern. On…
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