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CryptoLocker: A description of this malware and how to mitigate it

At Aldridge, CryptoLocker is no stranger. Our team of technical professionals have helped hundreds of companies fight for the security of their data. Yes, there are technical measures that have been developed to prevent malware like CryptoLocker from hijacking your files, but cybercriminals have made a business out of this information thievery, and their methods develop right alongside prevention tactics. This is why it's important to stay informed about the latest…
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The future impact of cybersecurity threats on businesses

In 2014, 71% of organizations reported to have been affected by a cyber security attack. Phishing and malware scams have proven to be two of the top threats impelling businesses to attempt to safeguard their network security. The methods hackers are using to fool victims into doing things such as clicking on a malicious link or downloading fake software are becoming increasingly more difficult to identify as threats. As 2016 commences,…
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Non-profit business associate faces penalties for HIPAA violation

  A recent report of a data breach incident has left a bitter taste in the mouths of HIPAA bound business associates (defined below) across the nation. Such organizations were already rattled by the Office for Civil Rights’ (OCR) plan to hold a series of random audits throughout 2016, but the OCR's decision to find blame and assess a fine against the business associate directly has elicited additional concern. On…
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Running from ransomware: What it is and how to avoid it

Anyone who’s used a computer within the last decade has likely heard of ransomware. However, not everyone knows what it is and how deadly it can be to the security and well-being of a business. In April 2016, CNN Money reported ransomware was soon to be a $1 billion business as its costs have reached an all-time high. From January to March 2016 alone, cybercriminals used ransomware to extort $209…
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Data security: Why the safety of your data is important to your business

Adequate data security can make or break your business. A managed IT services provider can help protect both your company’s information and reputation by following a few basic procedures. Today, businesses rely almost entirely on data storage and exchange to conduct their operations. Data use has increased business efficiency and profitability, but it also poses security risks that could potentially spell the end to a company's operations entirely. Organizations are responsible for…
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Malvertising: Outwitting Software and Smarts

Malvertising is a new cyber threat that requires no action on the user's end. In the face of constantly adapting cyber threats, one of the most promising cyber security realities is that every end user has the power to fight off an attack.  The security world promotes the message: with the right software and cyber threat smarts, you too can fight for the survival of your online privacy and security…
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Are malicious websites still a thing?

Cyber criminals are willing to get your data with any tool they can use.  What’s a popular, easy way for a hacker to steal your information?  By getting you to click on a corrupt link or download a malicious file when you visit a website. According to the 2015 Internet Security Threat Report released by Symantec, a global cybersecurity solutions provider, the number of websites infected with malware has drastically…
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Clearing the fog surrounding Fog Computing

If you’ve heard the term ‘Fog Computing’, you probably didn’t give it a second thought.  Maybe you thought it was a mistake—clearly that person meant to say Cloud Computing.  Then again, maybe you tossed it to the side—you already have this computing thing figured out. However, similar to the wide-scale acceptance of the Cloud, the Fog is the future of tech.  Moreover, if you expect to do anything with big…
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Is your password a dying breed?

A password can be your company’s greatest ally, or your weakest link.  If everyone in your organization follows the rules to create a fool-proof password, you could even survive a brute force attack. However, in the personal sphere, an army of strong passwords is a pretty high expectation for the average online user. In the age of social engineering and old fashioned snooping, a password was traditionally thought to be…
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What’s the secret killer of your cyber security strategy?

Cyber threats evolve all day, every day.  There is malicious software dedicated to cracking your password and hackers motivated to crumbling your defensive walls.  Because of this, no security strategy is ever 100 percent perfect.  To top it off, the simple fact that technology itself evolves all day, every day, also contributes to your not-so-perfect security strategy. Therefore, securing your business’ data is out of your hands. Or is it?…
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