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Most companies don’t even know they’re suffering from a lack of IT strategy and planning. Recurring downtime, data loss, security holes, and delayed IT resolution are all common signs of an IT deficiency in your business. A managed IT services provider can be the IT partner you need to align technology with your business goals. 

Focus on running your business, not your IT.

managed services

Rethink IT

Your organization needs IT that works and you're responsible for making sure it does. However, you may not know much about IT, and you may not want to. After all, you'd rather focus on running your business, not your IT department. Thankfully, there's a better way. You can save time, energy, and money by outsourcing your IT services to Aldridge.

Get IT off your plate

Managed services help move IT responsibilities off your plate and onto ours. We’ll work with your business to identify your needs and provide solutions that maximize your IT efficiency and budget.

Outsourcing for executives and IT pros alike

Whether you’re a business executive or a seasoned IT pro, using managed services can make your job easier. If you have an IT department, we can make it better. If you don’t, we can give you the capabilities of one.

First-responder dedication and expertise that’s second to none

Peace of mind is a chief concern when you're considering IT outsourcing. After all, no business can afford downtime. That’s why our first responders provide support that is designed to diagnose and fix most problems before you're even aware they exist. If a problem does arise, we'll take immediate action toward permanent resolution. 

Managed services

Our comprehensive menu of managed services is designed to let us shoulder your IT burden, so you have the freedom to run your business. 

Mobile Device Management

Employees with business-connected smartphones, tablets, and laptops need to have access to reliable communication, servers, and services. This way, your employees will be readily available, even when they're not in the office. 

Network Management

We use a collection of advanced services and software to proactively ensure the performance and reliability of all your desktops, laptops, and thin clients. 

Workstation Management

We use a collection of advanced services and software to proactively ensure the performance and reliability of all your desktops, laptops, and thin clients. 

Cloud Backup & Continuity

You can't afford to lose any data. To help protect your work, our cloud backup and continuity services replicate and safely store your files on site so you can retrieve them later if you need to. 



Vendor Management

Contracting for the different products and services required to make managed services work seamlessly involves some juggling. We can take that responsibility off your hands by dealing with vendors and managing contracts for you. 

Server Management

Save a lot of time and money by letting us manage your servers for you. We provide comprehensive support and maintenance to ensure the performance, reliability, and security of your hardware and operating system so you can focus on more important things. 

Microsoft Exchange Management

Microsoft Exchange is a powerful way to handle business email, calendars, and contracts. But it isn't always affordable. We'll help you get all the power and functionality of Exchange at a fraction of the cost.

Citrix Management

With Citrix, your employees can be in the office even when they're out. The secure mobilization of Windows apps and desktops from other computers give your employees global access to their work computer from their mobile device, tablet, or PC.

Database (SQL) Management

Your SQL database is critical to your business, but it's also complicated. We provide the comprehensive service and support your business needs to manage your SQL database. Our services include hardware and software recommendations, installation, development, maintenance, and migration.

Storage/SAN Management

Networks use hard drives, tape drives, and optical jukeboxes to store large qualities of data as part of a Storage Area Network. We manage your SAN with comprehensive service and support that provides reliable, high-speed access to data anywhere on your network.

VoIP System Management

Kick the phone company to the curb and use your servers to place business-class telephone calls over the Internet. With managed VoIP, we take care of your software and manage your connections for you so you can concentrate on the phone calls themselves.

Printer/Multi-Function Device Management

Printers and MFDs, which combine printers, scanners, and fax machines into one device, can be a big benefit when they run smoothly and a big headache when they don't. We help by managing the networking of your company's printers and MFDs and providing support for connection issues and device failures.

Network Appliance Management

Network appliances, often called thin clients, are more affordable streamlined versions of desktop PCs that run software from a server rather than a hard drive. We can install, configure, and manage network appliances for you to help cut costs associated with hardware.

Cloud Server Replication Management

Cloud server replication management backs up your servers to the cloud. We take care of all the details so that you can continue working from exact duplicates of your primary servers should one or more of them fail.

Application Replication Management

Virtual applications that are run from servers need to be replicated so you can continue to work in the event of a failure. Our application replication service ensures you can switch to backup copies of your virtual applications quickly and conveniently.

Document Management Application Services

Managing a combination of electronic and paper-based documents is challenging. We can take much of that responsibility off your hands by managing the complex software that is used in the process.

Our IT Services Explained

If you’re interested in learning more about the specific services that we offer, take a look at these pages for more information:

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We provide a range of Computer Support, Network Services and IT Outsourcing in Seattle, Houston, Dallas, and Austin.