Having a strong and reliable IT support team behind your business is a critical part of empowering its ability to succeed. Without support you can trust, progress can be hindered, problems will go unanswered, and the business will suffer without the support that it needs to operate at an optimal level.


How can you know if your Seattle IT support is not meeting the needs of your business? While there are many signs that can indicate that you have outgrown your IT support, here are our top 5 warning signs that you can use to identify if it’s time for you to change your IT support.

1. Slow Response to Requests

Does your IT support respond to your emails, address your issues, and return your calls promptly? Are tasks handled efficiently and quickly, or does it take your IT support hours to complete one small project? If your IT support is operating at a level that is slowing your business down instead of spurring it on to a higher level of productivity, then it might be time to consider the benefits of partnering with a Seattle IT support company that will help you reach your goals — instead of hindering them.

2. Poor Customer Service

Your interactions with your IT support should be informative, pleasant, and productive. If you’re hesitant to pick up the phone because you don’t want to have to deal with your IT service, this is a major red flag. Your IT support should not only provide you with solutions, but do it in a way that educates your team and makes your systems more efficient. If your questions or problems are met with resistance or frustration, you need to realize that you don’t need to put up with it.

3. Patching instead of Preventing

One of the purposes of having IT support is so that they can anticipate needs and address problems before they become something you have to deal with. If your current support team seems only to be capable of patching up problems instead of preventing them, this is a major warning sign that this support team is a bad fit for your business.

A reliable Seattle IT support service will provide you with current software, servers, and systems that enable you to run you business better, without the threat of problems lurking around every corner.

4. Doesn’t Support Technology You Need

As your business grows and changes, your technology will also need to adapt to continue to match your business. Your IT support should be able to provide you with current tech support, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Our Seattle IT support team can provide you with remote support on any device. Don’t let your IT support’s incompetence hinder your business growth. It’s time for a change.

5. No Communication

There is nothing more frustrating than sending an important email, making an urgent request, or expecting a status report, and yet hearing nothing on the other end from your IT support. The status of your projects and unanswered questions should always be communicated in a way that is clear, simple, and concise. The lack of communication from your IT support is actually saying a lot: time to move on.

If, after reading some of these warning signs, you’ve identified that your business needs fresh, reliable IT support, good for you! It’s time that you found support that can meet your needs and help your business grow. We provide IT support for businesses throughout Seattle. If you’re interested in having your IT needs met in a swift and reliable fashion, give us a call, or fill out our contact form.