3 Ways Your Business Can Use AI Art

May 25th, 2023 | Tech Trends

You may already be sold on the business potential of chat AIs like ChatGPT and Bard, but have you considered the potential of AI art? If you’re in a creative field like marketing, you can create anything you imagine in seconds – the value to marketers is clear. If you’re not in a creative field, you can still drastically improve the looks of your deliverables by incorporating AI art. Or, maybe none of that applies to you; instead you can use AI to create fun images to send to your coworkers to boost morale. Everybody knows good morale is key to a successful business.

Get new ideas for your web design

Need inspiration for your website? Use AI to create mockups of your key website pages to give your web team new ideas to try out.

Prompt – “a modern web design for a product-focused landing page, hero image, 4 columns below hero image, minimalism”

AI generated web design ideas

Maybe you’re working on a re-brand and want a new logo:

Prompt – “a minimalist 2d flat logo for a crab fisherman”

4 logos for a crab fisherman

Maybe the crab fisherman has more minimalist sensibilities.

Prompt – “a minimalist 2d flat logo for a crab fisherman made out of 10 simple shapes, black and white, Style: abstract”

modern crab fisherman logo options

Whatever you need – new sales collateral, powerpoint themes, motivational posters for the break room – AI can help.

Create supporting images for your products and services

Tired of using stock business models for your website and deliverables? We are too. Now you can use AI to generate very specific images to improve the look of your brand. As an IT and cybersecurity company, finding real images that relate to our services is a challenge. Here are some examples of images that we created that fit some of our services:

IT – “A photo of a business professional in an office working at a computer, close up on the professional, floating data represented by 3-d glowing shapes surrounding the professionals head, azure and orange, minimalism”

Cloud Backup – “A modern cloud server in the middle of an elegant corporate highrise office, Medium: Photorealistic; Style: futuristic and glowing, neon shapes, bauhaus, triangle and rectangles and lines intersecting, azure and light blue and orange, Materials: Glass and metal”

Modern cloud server

Cybersecurity – “a photorealistic brass lock hovering, background: pure white with azure and orange holographic 3-d shapes, circuits coming out of the lock, style glitchcore, colorful”

Photorealistic cybersecurity lock

Create fun images to send to your co-workers

If creating compelling images for your brand didn’t sell you on the value of AI art, maybe this will…

Prompt – “Betty White eating too many cocoa puffs”

Prompt – “a cute dog at an executive meeting”

The possibilities are truly endless.

Start creating your own AI art

If you want to start creating your own AI art, you have a few options:

Each AI art generator has it’s strengths and weaknesses, try them all out to determine which option works best for your needs. Want to learn more about how to use AI for work? Check out “Work Smarter With AI: The Do’s & Don’ts“.