Aldridge Completes Roll-up and Integration of Former Subsidiary Arterian

May 30th, 2017 | Aldridge News

Aldridge, a leading technology management, consulting, and outsourcing company for growing organizations, completed the acquisition and roll-up of Arterian, a Seattle-based IT services company. Aldridge has now integrated Arterian into its Seattle managed IT services branch, making it possible for Aldridge to bolster its presence in the city’s technology services market.

Key elements of this announcement:

  • Aldridge is consolidating the operations of Arterian within its Seattle branch
  • Jamison West has left his position as the President of Arterian
  • Arterian will be rebranded as Aldridge
  • Aldridge will offer a more comprehensive managed services offering to clients that extends beyond Office 365 services
  • Aldridge has assumed the lease on Arterian’s lower Queen Anne office space and will locate Aldridge Seattle at 100 West Harrison Street.

In early 2017, Aldridge finalized a complete roll-up of its former subsidiary, Arterian, into its Seattle branch. With the roll-up, Aldridge acquired the Arterian client base, which integrated well into the company’s managed services platform.

“It was a natural step. We were ready to solidify our presence in the Seattle market and Arterian’s clients found value in the additional managed services offerings Aldridge provides,” said Patrick R. Wiley, CEO of Aldridge.

West’s last day at Aldridge was February 28, 2017. While West enjoyed working with the Aldridge team, he wasn’t passionate about his role post-integration. He was ready for an entrepreneurial adventure once again. West moved to Las Vegas to help launch the SaaS company, Teamatics, in March of this year.

“Aldridge has, in my opinion, extremely strong leadership. They will continue to succeed because they have great people, from the top down. They know what they do, and they do it extremely well. I was offered an incredible opportunity to continue with Aldridge, but I am an entrepreneur at heart. Teamatics gave me the chance to exercise my passion for technology by building something new,” said West.

With the latest acquisitions, Aldridge offers nearly 97 IT professionals who serve clients throughout Texas and the Pacific Northwest from offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and now Seattle. Aldridge offers a broad range of outsourced custom IT services, such as:

  • Managed Services, including help desk and user support
  • Managed Backup and Continuity Services
  • Cloud Hosting Services
  • VCIO services

“We’re excited to see where Jamison’s new venture takes him and eager to find ways to provide additional value to our newly integrated clients,” said Wiley.

Aldridge is a technology management, consulting, and outsourcing company that specializes in providing best-fit IT and cloud computing solutions to SMBs that are growing. Founded in 1984, Aldridge has offices in Houston, Dallas, Austin, and Seattle. The company’s unwavering dedication, superior technical expertise, and keen understanding of business processes have transformed it into a trusted partner of clients across the nation. Aldridge provides the proactive IT support and expertise an organization needs to focus on its core competencies and attain its business goals.