Listen to our panel of construction experts address the following topics:

  • Going paperless in the field – Technology’s role and other factors to consider
  • The “rush” to the cloud – common mistakes and how to approach the transition properly
  • 12-month economic outlook  – A general forecast of the economic trends to watch for in the construction industry
  • Moving your accounting system to the cloud – What to consider when selecting a solution
  • IT Security ESPECIALLY when working remote – How to keep security top of mind across a remote workforce
  • Communicating and collaborating with your team – Meshing business processes and technology solutions
  • The shift from business continuity to business as usual – Strategic IT planning for an agile business in any disaster
  • Mobility and Information Access – Building an ecosystem of technology systems and tools you can depend on
  • 2020 lessons learned – What we learned in the shift to remote work and what could have gone smoother
  • The new Microsoft 365 – New features & how to get the most value from your investment
  • Overcoming cash flow challenges: The systems you need in place to match purchasing with billing

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