CPA Firm Technology Trends: What Tech is Best for Your Business?

Here at Aldridge, we've worked with a variety of CPA firms to help them find the right technology solutions to fit their business. Often, these companies are eager to adopt the latest software application

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4 Law Firm Technology Trends to Follow in 2017

Law firms often come to us looking for advice about which technology trends will drive their firm in the coming year. However, compromising security to embrace the latest technology innovation is not an option for

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Wearable Technology and Business: How Wearables Will Change the Way We Work

Smart phones and tablets have nearly all of the capabilities of the wearable device, causing wearable technology to encounter some resistance from mass-market consumers. However, wearable devices have proven to be especially helpful for

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The Future of Wearable Technology and Data Security

Wearable technology trends are spreading rapidly as the devices have begun to serve functions that extend beyond basic fitness and sleep monitoring. Consumers spent more than $2 billion dollars on wearable technology in 2015,

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