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By | 2018-04-12T09:04:27+00:00 April 25th, 2016|Uncategorized| logo and tagline is an application that allows businesses to receive, enter, approve, and pay bills all in one place. This application can be useful for any organization and is especially beneficial for small to medium sized businesses looking for an easier way to manage their accounts payable (APs) and receivables (ARs). is a cloud-hosted application, which means your business can access all of the information stored on the application from any internet-capable device in real-time. The tool is affordable and can be a powerful addition to a business’s financial operations. includes a variety of helpful features that reduce time spent rekeying data and it consolidates information and processes all on one easy-to-use interface.

“When I came across I was using ExpenseWatch. I wasn’t looking to replace that application, but when I saw what had to offer, at such a low-cost rate, I was convinced.”—Brittany Aldridge (Aldridge Controller)

What does have to offer?

  • Prints and mails checks for users
  • Organized storage of billing records
  • Unlimited document uploads
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Scheduled bill payments
  • Automated accounts payable
  • Automated accounts receivable
  • Automated payment advice notifications

How does work? allows your business to upload, scan, fax, or email bills and additional documents to the application. Users can also request vendors email bills directly to their account. It’s not necessary for both parties to have a membership to complete transactions, but a vendor can create a free account to conveniently view all of the client’s billing information in one place.

New bills are displayed in your inbox upon login and from this interface your business can check cash flow status, approve new invoices from vendors, send client invoices, approve bills, create new bills, add new vendors, and more!


Users may feel uneasy about completing their billing transactions on a platform with mobile access, but implements strict security features to ensure the safety of their client information. Such features include:

  • Redundant servers located at various sites
  • Firewalls, encryption, and bank-level security on all sensitive data
  • FDIC-ensured transactions
  • SOC 1, Type 2 Audits of procedures
  • Random two-factor authentication checks

Account information security is a primary concern for businesses. alleviates security concerns with its easy-to-use payment process.

  • users can pay vendors via ACH, check, or PayPal.
  • The vendor will receive a picture of the bill the user is paying along with the check stub, which allows the vendor to easily confirm which client the bill is from.
  • When a payment is made through, the money is transferred from the user’s account to the account, and then to the vendor. This process allows the user to conceal their valuable account information by displaying’s information instead of their own.

Restrictions and customized roles

  • gives businesses the ability to control the level of data access granted to each user. The five standard roles included in are clerk, approver, payer, accountant, and administrator.
  • The user also has the ability to create custom roles.

Audit trail

  •’s audit trail feature tracks all changes made to bills and invoices, as well as who made the changes and at what time.
  • Audit trail also tracks additional approval and payment documentation, which provides auditors with a hub of consolidated information for easy review.

Easy Sync

  • enables users to easily sync a variety of accounting programs with the application’s platform. Compatible programs include QuickBooks, NetSuite, Xero, and Intacct.
  • All transactions made in will be automatically transferred to the compatible accounting programs.
  • Syncs occur daily or whenever the user initiates a manual sync.

Easy approval workflow

  • It’s easy for users to set up an approval process via the platform. The business can designate approvers when the bill is entered and specify the order in which approvals should be made.
  • also offers notification features that emails approvers whenever a bill is assigned to them.
  • If a bill is denied, keeps records of the reasons for denial and the subsequent correction processes.
  • Users can track which designated approvers are delaying the approval process by referencing the time and date the approver was notified of a bill’s status on the bills page.

What is lacking?

Approval controls

  • allows users to list the delegation of approval authority, but does not prevent unauthorized users from approving bills. In other words, allows users to see who has violated the approval policy, but does not stop the violation from occurring.
  • The lack of permission controls can cause errors and delays if a user accidentally selects the wrong person to approve a bill.

Solid AR features

  • The AP features within are more developed than the AR features.
  • does include helpful AR features, such as tracking payments, emailing and mailing invoices for users, informing users if a client has seen the invoice, and enabling ePayments, but it still lacks customization features that are available for AP transactions.
  • For example, users cannot fully customize invoice templates or sync customer information stored on with their accounting systems.

Purchase order tracking for QuickBooks

  • offers purchase order tracking for NetSuite, but not for Quickbooks.

Aldridge is a current user of services, but it’s important to keep in mind that our organization uses this application primarily for AP functions.

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