[Panel Recording] Aligning Technology with Opportunity in the Construction Industry

Listen to our panel of construction experts address the following topics: Going paperless in the field – Technology's role and other factors to consider The "rush" to the cloud – common mistakes and

Adopting Digital Technology in the Construction Industry: The IT Roadmap to Success

Technology is rapidly changing the look and feel of the user and business experience when adopting digital technology in the construction industry. Most contractors understand that to remain competitive they need to reduce margins,

6 Benefits of Office 365 for Construction Firms

Depending on your role in the construction industry, where and how you work can be completely different from the day-to-day of your fellow employee. Whether you are part of the office staff, or you have

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Tech Talk – 2020 Tech Trends

In this Tech Talk Aldridge CIO, Chad Hiatt, and Aldridge president, Bryan Gregory, talk about how the technology landscape is shifting in 2020. Chad covers topics such as service architecture, data analytics, trends

7 Reasons to Use SharePoint in Construction Project Management

Choosing the right project management information system (PMIS) for your construction firm can be an overwhelming task. After listening to the frustrations of our clients, we realized many of them were already paying for SharePoint, a program capable of solving their project management concerns...

Construction Firms and the Cloud: How Cloud Tech Can Help You Save Time and Money in the Field

The goal of remote access technology is to create a seamless work environment for your company's users no matter where they are. Your firm’s team is likely working on-the-go and needs access to office files and resources no matter the location...

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