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Client Spotlight: Antares Homes

July 25th, 2018 | Client Spotlight

At Aldridge, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of companies that strive to make an impact in their respective industries.

We recently spent time talking to several employees at Antares Homes, a home builder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.


Dan Parrish: We do something here that’s important. I mean, we’re one of the big three—there’s food, clothing and shelter. We’re shelter and we make a great product.

And the people here all stand behind it, we’re not wishy-washy or dodging anything. I mean, it’s pride—there’s a lot of pride here and I take, you know, I don’t just do it for the job. I do it because, man I do, I have to be invested in it. I want to be invested in it.

When you walk out there and it’s raw land and you come back later and there’s people living in their home and they’re enjoying it…that’s the great part.

Locke Lynch: The thing that’s helped me feel that I want to get up, I want to go to work in the morning, I want to make that drive is that we build a quality house.

You know, we care about each of our buyers. Everybody knows our end goal is quality. You don’t have to worry about this builder not caring, this salesperson just ad-libbing, selling whatever. We get it right and that’s a good thing. That’s a great feeling.

We are a production home builder. We work very hard to develop our product around our buyers and what our buyers would like, what they need.

When we receive feedback, we send that in. We send it in to the plans department, we send it in to our management department and say, “OK, do we want to entertain this on this plan or for all plans?”

When our buyers come in, the biggest experience they’re going to have is that family experience because of how well we work together and try to get questions answered for them and build them a quality home.

Peggy Smithley: Everybody’s one big team. If somebody’s struggling to get something done in a timely manner or needs help, you know, people will step up.

We have so many remote people in the company, we have our builders who are out in the field, we have the sales offices that are remote. So, to have that partner for IT that I can depend on and just tell people, “Call Aldridge,” or “Send a help desk ticket to Aldridge,” and it gets taken care of.

We’re getting bigger but we’re still a small company, so we have that sense that everybody knows everybody. The owner knows everybody by name.

We love to do a good cookout. It’s just a family, that’s really the best way to describe it. Our hashtag, #AntaresFamily, pretty much describes that we as a company are a family and we look at our clients and customers as family as well.

Shannan Womack: I’ve been in the home building industry for 20 years. This company is different. We have fun, we have the greatest team ever. I think we have the best team here at Antares and I’ll tell anybody that.

If I have a question, they are there. It’s just a great place to work. Antares Homes is awesome.

Locke: The thing that makes it worth it for me to be at Antares is everything. It’s the people, it’s the culture, it’s the ease of being able to get questions answered. Not having to go through a lot of red tape, not having to climb a ladder to get something simple answered. But it’s open door, it’s a great feeling to be able to work in an environment like that and know that everybody is working towards a common good goal to build houses for people. And build quality houses.

For four years now, everyday, I make an hour drive in the morning and an hour and a half drive in the evening and it’s worth it. It’s worth the drive, it really is.

For more information about Antares Homes, visit their website.

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