Co-Managed IT vs Managed IT: What’s the Difference?

January 8th, 2024 | Managed IT Services

Two prominent models—Co-Managed IT and Managed IT—hold significant influence in the IT landscape. But what sets them apart, and how do they align with different business requirements?  

Co-Managed IT vs Managed IT 

Untangling Co-Managed IT and Managed IT 

Managed IT Services: 

Managed IT Services typically refers to outsourcing all IT operations to an external provider. This provider assumes complete responsibility for managing and maintaining the company’s IT infrastructure, offering a comprehensive suite of services that span from day-to-day user support to strategic planning and cybersecurity. 

Co-Managed IT Services: 

However, Co-Managed IT Services represents a collaborative partnership between an external IT provider and a business’ internal IT team. Rather than completely outsourcing IT operations, Co-Managed IT strengthens the existing internal IT department by providing additional expertise, resources, or specific services. 

Understanding the Distinctions 

Scope of Control: 

  • Managed IT: The external provider assumes full control and accountability for all IT operations. 
  • Co-Managed IT: The internal IT team retains control while leveraging the external provider’s support for specialized tasks or to fill skill gaps. 

Level of Collaboration: 

  • Managed IT: Limited involvement of internal IT teams; all tasks are handled externally. 
  • Co-Managed IT: Collaborative approach; internal and external teams work together. 

Resource Allocation: 

  • Managed IT: All IT-related tasks and responsibilities are outsourced. 
  • Co-Managed IT: Specific tasks or expertise are outsourced while internal teams handle other aspects. 

Which Suits Your Business? 

Managed IT 

Ideal for businesses seeking comprehensive IT support without the burden of managing IT in-house. It offers a hands-off approach, allowing companies to focus solely on their core operations. 

Co-Managed IT 

Suits businesses with an existing IT team looking to augment their capabilities. It enables collaboration, allowing internal teams to focus on strategic initiatives while leveraging external expertise for specific needs. 

Choosing between Co-Managed IT and Managed IT hinges on understanding your business’s unique requirements and aligning them with the service model that best complements your objectives. Both models aim to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and fortify IT infrastructure. The key lies in finding the right balance between internal capabilities and external expertise. 

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