Does your construction firm need real-time remote access to files while on the job site?

Are critical projects sometimes delayed because of IT functionality failures or restricted access to business-critical resources?

The goal of remote access technology is to create a seamless work environment for your company’s users no matter where they are. Your firm’s team is likely working on-the-go and needs access to office files and resources no matter the location.

In this article, we will cover how construction firms can benefit from remote access technology.

Improve project management and results

Construction projects are accompanied by significant risk, and if managed ineffectively, can result in missed deadlines or expensive production surprises.

According to the 2015 KPMG Global Construction Survey, more than half of construction companies experienced at least one under-performing project in 2014. Designs are becoming more complex and are beginning to require more advanced technology to be executed effectively.

remote access

An effective remote access solution will allow your employees to have the information they need, when they need it. For example, applications such as Procore and Microsoft Project can be integrated and made available from any location or mobile device. This can help improve project collaboration and minimize delays in decision making and implementation.

However, just as complex designs require advanced technology to support their execution, complex technology solutions require advanced support from an IT professional with the knowledge and expertise to implement the solution the right way.

Have a conversation with your IT partner to determine what unique considerations need to be made when selecting a remote access solution for your construction firm.

Real-time access to important files

A cloud-based remote access solution can provide your team the ability to access the most recent versions of your firm’s business-critical files. Many cloud solutions, such as Office 365, allow users to track document version changes and have insight into who made what changes and when. Complete file visibility can help prevent information silos by ensuring everyone on your team has access to the correct versions of the files they need to do their jobs.

Enhanced collaboration and document control

While cloud solutions may help your construction firm enhance collaboration and productivity, they can also offer the document access and control features your company needs to manage the security and storage of business-critical information.

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Your firm’s employees can communicate in real time and work on a project simultaneously from separate locations. Many cloud-based remote access solutions also provide the ability to set custom permission controls that can limit the access and editing of documents by specific users.

Such controls can protect your firm’s data, but the application’s settings must be configured by someone who understands both the technology and your business for the software to function as it should.

If your IT team or IT outsourcing provider is not supplying your construction firm with the accessibility and functionality you need from your IT, you may be missing the proactive planning and strategic action your company requires to propel its success.

If your IT team is not leveraging technology to meet your company’s goals, find out how you can determine what IT needs exist for your construction firm and what kind of solution will best fit your organization.