As we all put creative solutions in place to enable staff to work from home, be aware of the security risks that go along with allowing your employees to connect to your secured company networks from their personal computers. Even if an employee is using a VPN, they can still put your business network at risk if their device is not secure.  

VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a great tool, but in many ways, it’s like plugging a computer directly into your office network. When you connect using a VPN, any software on your home computer (even software the kids installed from who knows where) may now have access to your company network and resources. It’s very difficult to police malicious software on personal and family devices, especially in today’s climate as businesses rush to implement remote work solutions at mass scale.  

For a more in-depth explanation of why letting personal devices connect to your trusted network can put your business at risk, watch this short clip. 

Before you open the gates to what’s out there, be mindful of which employees need remote access to your network for them to do their job. Consider who can work remotely using online platforms like Office 365 or Google Drive. Yes, this may change the way some of your employees do their work, and you may be faced with challenges when training your staff on these new processes and interfaces. However, this slight inconvenience is a small price to pay when you consider the potential damage network vulnerabilities can cause to your business operations and reputation.  

Your data and your systems are critical to your business and should remain top of mind as you weigh the risks of every decision. Cybercriminals are leveraging social engineering and security vulnerabilities to target both organizations and individuals. Even the best technology can’t protect your network if an employee is phished and clicks on a malicious link about COVID19. Just one click on the link and the VPN connection can open the door for bad guys to walk from the employee’s home computer straight into your business network and systems.  

As your organization hurries to implement remote work solutions and emergency protocols, employees will be your business’s first and last line of defense against cybercriminals. View our IT support services and share our blog, How Scammers are Exploiting the Coronavirus Pandemicwith your staff to help them recognize and avoid the common cybersecurity threats we are facing in the midst of COVID19.