[Webinar] Cyber Insurance: Getting The Right Coverage & Preparing for Change

August 10th, 2022 | Cyber Insurance, Cybersecurity, Webinar

The threat landscape is evolving and cyber insurance carriers are scrambling to catch up. In this webinar, IT Security and cyber insurance experts from Aldridge and FifthWall Solutions will talk you through a brief history of the cyber insurance industry so you can understand how we got here, and what you can expect the future of cyber coverage to look like. You will learn what actions you need to take to get approved for decent coverage going forward.

Don’t have time to watch an entire webinar?

No problem, here are the highlights from this event:

  1. Stand-alone Cyber Policy vs. Endorsement 25:57 – Many people think they have cyber insurance, but they only have an endorsement that will not cover much of anything. You must understand what type of policy you have so that you know if you have the right coverage.
  2. 5 Required Security Elements to Get Coverage 37:08 – All carriers are requiring these 5 core security elements before they will provide coverage. Make sure that you already have these elements, or are in the process of getting them.
  3. Travelers’ Cyber Policy Lawsuit 46:42 – The outcome of this lawsuit will affect how carriers handle claims going forward.
  4. Key Takeaways 48:08 – If you truly are in a hurry, this is a high level overview of what business leaders need to know about cyber insurance today.

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