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Severe weather. Power Outages. Vandalism. Device failure. Human error.

Disasters come in all forms, and sometimes, you can’t prevent them—but having a disaster recovery and business continuity solution in place can keep your company in business when disaster strikes.

These days, most businesses need IT to make money. If your company relies on email, database systems, or any other electronic data to do business, you need a disaster recovery and business continuity plan. Without reliable IT, you are at the mercy of circumstances if your equipment fails or your technology services are interrupted.

One Dallas-based client experience a disaster that could have forced their business to close its doors. After receiving notification of an outage, we called the client’s primary contact and sent a field technician to the site to investigate.

What we found was unlike anything we’d seen before. The client’s server room had been destroyed—hard drives were pulled from the onsite serves and local backup appliance, ethernet cables had been ripped from the walls, and a hole was cut into the ceiling which allowed the weekend’s rain to fall onto the equipment.

The cost of office repairs, equipment replacements, and lost revenue could have easily bankrupted this company, but luckily, our client has disaster recovery and business continuity plans in place. We had the client’s data backed up offsite and were able to spin up their server in the cloud. The company was able to return to operation the next day without suffering significant downtime or critical data loss.

The outcome of any disaster, whether natural or man-made, is always the same—your company’s critical data is gone, at least temporarily. With a disaster recovery and business continuity solution, you can retrieve that data and keep your company working.



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Disaster recovery deals with a company’s ability to restore its technology services after an emergency or other unexpected event occurs. Disaster recovery utilizes a combination of hardware and software to protect a company’s data based on its business needs. Disaster recovery plans also outline specific steps taken—such as data back and server restoration—to protect and recover a company’s business-critical data.



Business continuity focuses on a company’s ability to remain in operation, or recover to an operational state, during or following a disaster. Business continuity plans are comprehensive, consider all essential functions of a business, and can provide solutions to long-term challenges—such as supply chain breakdowns or employee illness—that that the potential to disrupt business operations.

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