The team at The Aldridge Company is proud to be involved in the “HOPE on the Green” Tournament at Woodforest Golf Club today. The sellout event supports The Will Herndon Fund for Juvenile Batten Disease Research, a fund of the Beyond Batten Disease Foundation that is raising funds for research to treat and cure juvenile batten disease.

Beyond Batten Disease Foundation supports research to treat and cure Batten disease, which is a rare, fatal, inherited, neurodegenerative disorder that strikes young children, including 9-year- old Will Herndon of The Woodlands. The condition initially causes blindness and seizures, progressively impairs cognitive and motor capacities, and then ultimately results in death during the late teen years or early 20s. The foundation also has funded the development of a screening test to help prevent the devastating disease along with hundreds of other serious – and often deadly – genetic, childhood illnesses.

Because Batten disease is so uncommon, there is not much federal funding for research to treat and cure it.

HOPE on the Green featured a variety of contests, including a ball-drop from a helicopter in which golfers bet on numbered balls that are dropped onto a green from a helicopter.  The Aldridge Company donated a brand new iPad 2 that will be presented to the golfer who bets on the first ball that lands in the hole.

To date, The Will Herndon Fund has raised more than $750,000 to support a variety of research initiatives in Europe and the United States to treat and cure juvenile Batten disease. These initiatives include promising research at the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. The fund has also sponsored the first conference focused on drug discovery for treating juvenile Batten disease. The conference launched initial efforts to test tens of thousands of existing compounds for their effectiveness.

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