Watch this recording to learn how other business leaders are navigating the uncertainty of returning to the office, financial plans, legal liabilities, and restructuring the traditional workforce to accommodate employee needs and concerns. You’ll hear a variety of perspectives as we discuss how our industries are working to overcome the challenges and embrace the opportunities facing us today. We’ll touch on the following topics:

  • Considerations for going back to the office – What safety, legal, and technology components do employers need to consider if they are going back to the office
  • The shifting role of business continuity – Businesses need to resume full operations with limited notice; plans should not just account for your business, but for those of your vendors and clients
  • Security awareness and training – How business leaders can keep security top-of-mind amidst the anxiety and chaos of COVID-19
  • Employer liability – The interplay between best practices, minimum recommended safety protocols, and legal liability for a return to the office and normal business methods
  • Restructuring your workforce – Determining which employees and positions are more effective while remote and how it can boost productivity and save money
  • Up-to-date information on government programs – Current best practices and guidelines for navigating programs such as the CARES Act and PPP
  • Lessons learned – Hear stories about how other businesses successfully navigated COVID-19 as well as some cautionary tales from those who did not
  • Economic outlook going forward – Is this the next 2008? Comparing the current economic situation to past recessions/depressions
  • Understanding your investment position- Developing strategies to protect your retirement and optimize investment opportunities during COVID-19

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