IT Security

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IT Security for Small Businesses

Because your business operations are reliant on your data and the systems used to access that data, IT security, or cybersecurity, is one of the most vital parts of your business. A successful cyberattack could temporarily, or permanently, lock you out of the systems required to keep your business operational. Recovering from a successful cyberattack is a painful and expensive process. You’ll face repair costs, loss of productivity, and lawsuits if privileged client or partner data was compromised.

Cyberattacks Can Happen to Your Business

You may think your business is too small to be a cyberattack target, but cybercriminals regularly target small businesses because they often lack the cybersecurity knowledge and resources to properly defend themselves.

By partnering with our highly skilled team of IT security specialists, who stay on top of new and emerging threats, you’ll take a serious step in protecting your company and minimizing the risk of your business suffering substantial losses from cyberattacks.

How We Improve Your Organization’s IT Security

We understand IT security is not a destination, it’s a constantly-evolving journey that requires


Implementing modern security tools, specific to your unique operations


Staying current on new and potential cybersecurity threats


Building a top-down security culture

As your IT outsourcing partner, Aldridge will supply your business with the tools, policies, and guidance necessary to develop a robust security culture capable of protecting it from current and future IT security threats.

Aldridge IT Security Levels

You need to understand the threats facing your business and make sure you have the right level of security relative to your risk. To help you understand where your cybersecurity is at today and if it is where it needs to be, we created the IT Security Levels matrix.

Is your business ‘Blind’ or are you ‘Resilient’? Download our IT Security Levels to find out.

Our IT Outsourcing Clients Get

Behavior-Based Antivirus

Learns how your business operates, enabling it to flag unusual or suspicious behaviors

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Maintain a healthy version of your environment that can be restored if a compromise occurs

Cybersecurity Consulting

Identify risks, compliance gaps, or opportunities and outline steps to improve your security posture

Multi-Factor Authentication

Number one protection against account compromises

Security Policies & Procedures

Guidance on how to keep your business safe and what to do when faced with a possible cyberattack

Managed Detection and Response

Around-the-clock team of security specialists watching your workstations, laptops, and servers for suspicious activity

We take cybersecurity seriously, but don’t just take our word for it. We have proven our commitment to protecting client data and privacy by investing in a SOC 2 Type 2 certification. To maintain this certification we receive regular audits by an independent public accounting firm to confirm that we’re securely managing our client’s data.

Additional Cybersecurity Services

Our IT outsourcing offering includes everything a small business needs to develop a strong IT security posture. We recognize some organizations have advanced security requirements, such as those that work with PII or PHI and have regulatory obligations. If your business has those advanced security needs, we have you covered.

Security Awareness Training

Your people are your biggest vulnerability. As social engineering attacks grow in sophistication, so must your team’s understanding of cybersecurity. We educate your team on how to spot phishing attacks and conduct regular simulated attacks on your staff to test their knowledge. These simulated attacks will provide insight into your phishing vulnerability and show the effectiveness of the security awareness training.

Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM)

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your IT infrastructure’s security. SIEM will aggregate and analyze data across your environment allowing you to identify trends, uncover risks, and investigate potential breaches.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

You will have a 24/7 team of security specialists, utilizing cutting-edge threat detection and analytics tools to monitor your IT environment for malicious activity. Your SOC team will validate possible threats and take immediate action to neutralize legitimate attacks.

Dark Web Monitoring

Compromised data is bought and sold on internet channels not commonly accessible to everyday users. We scan these sources for your users’ credentials and make you aware of possible breaches and vulnerabilities to your company.

Vulnerability Scans

Understand your exposure to both external and internal threats. Your risks will be classified by their severity and you’ll be given guidance on how to remedy all serious threats.

Don’t Wait Until it is Too Late

Every business needs to be talking about its cybersecurity. Let us help you move from conversation to action on your IT security initiatives.