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The Cybersecurity Threatscape

What began as individuals attacking businesses for fun has transformed into an organized and highly-profitable cybercrime industry. Cybercriminals are professional; they work out of offices, have structured management, and use specialized tools. You can no longer ignore the very real threat cybercrime poses to your business. Without proper cybersecurity planning, your business is vulnerable to cybersecurity risks, including

Phishing & Spear Phishing Attacks

Fraudulent emails or phone calls attempt to steal money or valuable data by impersonating a trusted contact.

Ransomware Attacks

A type of malware attack that locks you out of critical systems or data, requiring you to make payments to restore access.

IT Vulnerability Exploits

Leverages known weaknesses within your IT environment to gain access to privileged data and systems. (ex. log4j)

Credential Theft

Purchase leaked credentials from the dark web or trick your people into divulging their credentials, gaining entry into your environment.
You are up against the entire cybercrime industry, and they are continuously developing new methods to steal from your business or your contacts. There is no such thing as being 100% protected from cyberthreats. However, you can drastically mitigate your potential damages by developing a security plan that controls your risks through effective technical and management controls, using modern tools, and getting cyber insurance.

Cybercrime Snapshot

Trillion (USD), expected cost of cybercrime worldwide by 2025.


of SMBs have reported at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months.


of cyberattacks are phishing/social engineering attacks.

Cybersecurity For Your Business

You need an IT partner that understands the threats facing your business and can help you implement the right technology and controls based on your exposure. As an IT outsourcing client, you receive


Security Strategy Guidance:

Understand your current security posture and learn where a business with your unique risk factors should be.

Cybersecurity Scorecard:

Tracks your current security products and services, identify areas for improvement and assists with any security questionnaires.

Standard Policies & Procedures:

Employ security controls across your environment based on industry best practices.

Backup & Recovery Planning:

Identify your business-critical assets and determine appropriate business continuity solutions.

Managed Detection & Response:

24×7 specialized security team monitoring your computers, investigating suspicious activity, and responding to genuine threats.

Aldridge IT Security Levels

Understanding where your cybersecurity is currently at and if it is where it needs to be can be challenging without internal expertise. Our cybersecurity experts developed our IT Security Levels to help businesses better understand their current security and guide their security initiatives.

Find out what Security Level your business is at.

How Security+ Will Protect Your Business

Do you require a comprehensive security strategy supported by cutting-edge tools? Are you in a regulated industry that has strict compliance obligations, or do you work with highly valuable data that needs more robust protection? If you are serious about your cybersecurity, you need Security+.


Work through your organization’s threat profile and develop a plan that effectively controls your risk and is suited for your budget and risk tolerance.

Managed IT Security Level icon


Apply safeguards to the elements of your IT environment that support critical business functions. These safeguards include deploying sophisticated tools, technical and management controls, and business continuity planning.

Infrasec IT Security Level icon


Implement a layered threat detection system consisting of

  • Automated detection toolset, using behavior analytics to learn how your business operates so that it can recognize and flag unusual activities; Managed Detection & Response (MDR)
  • Sensors placed on key components of your IT infrastructure, providing visibility across your environment; Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)
  • A 24/7 team of security specialists (Security Operations Center) monitoring and analyzing the security data stream, ready to respond to potential threats
CIO IT Security Level icon


Employ a three-tier threat response process:

  • Your Security Operations Center (SOC) team will have first eyes on potential threats. They will validate the threat and, in most cases, can resolve it through the restoration capabilities of your MDR tool.
  • Threats that cannot be resolved through restoration are escalated to the Aldridge Network Operations Center (NOC). They will independently vet the threat, uncover the scope of the breach, and determine the appropriate recovery steps.
  • Your Client Success Manager (CSM) will incorporate findings from Security+ – whether detected vulnerabilities identified separately or specific findings from a security event – into your IT Projects Roadmap for consideration, prioritization, and implementation
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If the damage to your environment goes beyond restoration, then our remediation service Cyber Attack Recovery kicks in. Remediation involves restoring, repairing, and immediate changes to harden your systems in response to an attack. Remediation is rarely included within the scope of a security offering because the nature of the damage is unpredictable, and there is a potential for extremely high repair costs. Remediation is included in Security+ because we are confident in the solutions you have in place.

Security+ includes

Security Incident & Event Monitoring (SIEM)
Expand your Security Team’s visibility by installing sensors on key elements of your IT environment. Enables comprehensive threat investigations by consolidating and retaining your security logs.

Learn more about SIEM

Security Operations Center (SOC)
24/7 security monitoring by a specialized team of security analysts. They will monitor the incoming data from MDR & SIEM and respond to threats.

Learn more about SOC

Cyber Attack Recovery
Covers our remediation efforts after a successful cyber attack/malware event up to $10,000 per incident. Remediation is almost never in-scope because of the unpredictable and potentially high repair costs. As a Security+ client, we are covering you because we are confident in the security solutions you have in place.

Learn more about Cyber Attack Recovery

External Vulnerability Management
Identify your internet-facing services vulnerabilities, talk through risks, and guide remediation efforts.

Learn more about External Vulnerability Management

Security Awareness Training & Mock Phishing Attacks
Educate your team on proper security hygiene and conduct routine mock attacks to raise your team’s vigilance and identify who needs supplemental training.

Learn more about Security Awareness

Dark Web Monitoring
Scan the marketplaces where stolen information is traded for your domain, and provide a report showing all at-risk credentials.

Learn more about Dark Web Monitoring

Web Filtering
Block known malware sources and prevent access to business-inappropriate sites.

Learn more about Web Filtering

Behavior-Based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
Add MFA to your Windows servers & add conditional access to your Microsoft 365 MFA.

Learn more about MFA

Deep Email Filtering
Protect your teams’ inboxes through advanced email filtering, VIP impersonation protection, and scan links and attachment for malicious activity.

Learn more about Deep Email Filtering

Start Controlling Your Risk

Every business needs to be talking about its cybersecurity. Let us help you move from conversation to action on your cybersecurity initiatives.