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Support your technology and your people. We can completely manage your IT, or support your existing team through co-managed IT.

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Get a security partner that will help you manage your risks. Gain a 24/7 security team that is ready to respond to threats to your business.

Work with us to solve complex problems. Engage us for a one-time project, or keep us on a monthly retainer for on-demand expertise.

Who We Are

Aldridge is an IT and security managed services firm, based in Houston, Texas. Founded in 1984, Aldridge has been helping businesses get more value from technology for 40 years. Although much has changed in IT over the years, our core mission has always been the same – to maximize the impact of technology on people so that they can work smarter and accomplish more. 

We are passionate problem solvers that are always looking for new ways to use technology to bring value to the businesses we support. Partner with Aldridge to start using technology to empower your business, and gain peace of mind that whenever you need help, we will be right there with you.

We work with:

  • Business owners and executives that just want IT to work – they want to focus running their business and not on their technology and security.
  • Operations and business managers who want less downtime, reliable service, and better security.
  • CIOs, CTOs, and IT Managers who want to get out of day-to-day IT and focus on strategic initiatives.

What We Do

IT Managed Services


IT Consulting

IT Managed Services

Does your IT need a little or a lot of help? We can help your current IT team by filling in the gaps, or take care of IT completely. Partnering with Aldridge will allow you to focus your core competencies and strategic goals, while leaving IT in the hands of Aldridge experts.


How We Think about IT – Our Framework for Successful IT

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We’ll work with you to create an IT strategy that supports your business goals and adapts to changes in technology and cybersecurity threats.

18-24 Month IT Roadmap & Budget | Policies & Procedures


Our solutions architects will design technology solutions that fit your business needs and budget.

Solution Research & Development | Technology Catalog


We’ll create and maintain a strategic IT roadmap and budget for your business, outlining major initiatives for the next 18-24 months to reduce surprise costs and downtime.

IT Projects | End-to-end Procurement Process


We’ll provide a dedicated, local IT support team that knows you, your team, and your business to ensure productivity and efficiency.

95% CSAT (last 90 days) | 9 Seconds (median phone ring time) | 97 minutes (median time to resolve critical issues)


We developed IT Security Levels to help businesses prioritize their security technology implementations, protecting their network, endpoints, cloud, internet access, and applications.

Managed Detection & Response | Security Incident Management | Backup & Recovery

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Defending your company from today’s cyber threats requires modern IT security tools, a security-minded culture, and policies based on a well-defined security posture. Read below to learn about the key components of an IT security strategy, and receive our most current guidance and best practices.

Cybersecurity Identify Vulnerabilities


Develop a risk management plan that fits your budget and risk tolerance by assessing your organization’s threat profile.

Cybersecurity Protect Assets


Secure devices, critical systems, and data by using security tools and industry-standard policies/procedures.

Cybersecurity Detect Threats


Security & NOC teams monitor devices and networks 24/7, and EDR on managed devices stops malicious activity.

Cybersecurity Respond


Security team validates alerts, investigates damage scope, and engages NOC team to begin recovery process.

Cybersecurity Recovery


Recover business-critical systems and assist with long-term recovery through the cyber insurance claims process.

Advanced Security Solution: SECURITY +

Do you require a comprehensive security strategy supported by cutting-edge tools? Are you in a regulated industry that has strict compliance obligations, or do you work with highly valuable data that needs more robust protection? If you are serious about your cybersecurity, you need Security+.

Security + Includes:

Security Incident & Event Monitoring (SIEM)
Expand your Security Team’s visibility by installing sensors on key elements of your IT environment. Enables comprehensive threat investigations by consolidating and retaining your security logs.

Learn more about SIEM

Security Operations Center (SOC)
24/7 security monitoring by a specialized team of security analysts. They will monitor the incoming data from MDR & SIEM and respond to threats.

Learn more about SOC

Cyber Attack Recovery
Covers our remediation efforts after a successful cyber attack/malware event up to $10,000 per incident. Remediation is almost never in-scope because of the unpredictable and potentially high repair costs. As a Security+ client, we are covering you because we are confident in the security solutions you have in place.

Learn more about Cyber Attack Recovery

External Vulnerability Management

Identify your internet-facing services vulnerabilities, talk through risks, and guide remediation efforts.

Security Awareness Training & Mock Phishing Attacks

Educate your team on proper security hygiene and conduct routine mock attacks to raise your team’s vigilance and identify who needs supplemental training.

Learn more about Security Awareness

Dark Web Monitoring

Scan the marketplaces where stolen information is traded for your domain, and provide a report showing all at-risk credentials.

Learn more about Dark Web Monitoring

Web Filtering

Block known malware sources and prevent access to business-inappropriate sites.

Learn more about Web Filtering

Behavior-Based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Add MFA to your Windows servers & add conditional access to your Microsoft 365 MFA.

Learn more about MFA

Deep Email Filtering

Protect your teams’ inboxes through advanced email filtering, VIP impersonation protection, and scan links and attachment for malicious activity.

Learn more about Deep Email Filtering

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IT Consulting

When you receive IT consulting services from us, you get more than an IT expert. You get a Fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO) who will be responsible for  defining your IT strategy, overseeing its successful application, and keeping up-to-date on your business so they can continually tune your IT Roadmap & Budget.

Big-Picture Planning

Adhere to a consistent vision when making big-picture IT decisions. The
decision process is centered around the business requirements, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
of the effort, and the Return on Investment (ROI) of the IT solution.

Identify Problems for Resolution

Collaborate with your leadership team to uncover issues
facing your organization that you may not have known were there and to outline how technology
can help solve the major problems facing your business.

Time Management

Avoid implementing an IT solution that will inevitably break in the future,
causing you to experience the same IT issue again and again without a concrete resolution.

Proactive Communication

Clearly communicate IT trends, risks, knowledge, and opportunities
to your business executives by holding IT update and planning meetings with your leadership
team to prepare for your organization’s future IT needs.

Playing Devil’s Advocate

Question the intention of the IT solution. Systems must talk to one
another to work together properly, and it’s the CIO’s responsibility to help you make IT decisions
that will support your business needs now and in the future.

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