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Microsoft Excel


Ready to step up your Excel game? Watch our free training to become more organized and efficient in Excel. 

What This Training Covers

Watch the training to learn advanced Excel techniques and best practices. You’ll get a quick overview of Excel’s advanced features and common business use cases. No matter what your experience with Excel is, you’ll leave this training with something new.


  • Named Ranges – Efficiently manage data with named cells.
  • “If” Functions – Make dynamic decisions based on certain conditions.
  • Flash FillAutomate data transformations with ease.
  • Lookup FunctionRetrieve specific information from large datasets; Vlookup & Xlookup.
  • Using Excel TablesOrganize and analyze data systematically.
  • Sorting & Filtering Excel DataQuickly find and arrange relevant information.
  • Subtotal FunctionSummarize data within groups effectively.
  • Visualizing Data with Charts – Make more effective (and better looking) charts.

Meet Your Instructor

JoLynn Rihn

Microsoft Master Instructor

JoLynn Rihn has been helping people work smarter with Microsoft applications since they were first released. She is a Certified Trainer and Microsoft Master Instructor with over 30 years’ experience. She teaches on the basics to advanced features using programs like Teams, Excel SharePoint, Outlook and more. 

JoLynn’s background as a college instructor and corporate software trainer makes her uniquely qualified to teach you how to get the most out of your technology.

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