Communities Foundation of Texas held its tenth annual North Texas Giving Day on September 20. North Texas Giving Day raised more than $48M—nearly $10M more than last year’s event.

“The outpouring of support for north Texas nonprofits was tremendous,” Chief Giving Day Officer Susan Swan Smith said. “We are honored to be part of a generous community that cares so much about each other.”

CFT received more than 150,000 donations benefitting 2,690 nonprofits across the north Texas region.

“North Texas Giving Day is a true testament to the power of giving here locally and to the valuable work nonprofits do to make north Texas stronger,” Smith said.

North Texas Giving Day held 10 days of scheduled giving in honor of the event’s tenth anniversary. Throughout the 10 days, donors were able to give online as well as volunteer their time at sponsored community events.

“In an effort to help people give their time, anyone was able to see volunteer opportunities [on our website] and let the organization know they want to help,” Smith sad. “We will continue to keep our site up year-round so that people can research local nonprofits any day of the year.”

North Texas Giving Day has already set the date for next year’s event—September 19, 2019—and is already hoping to top its previous records.

“We hope to continue to broaden the reach of those who give and would appreciate anyone and everyone who can help us spread the word to their neighborhood, coworkers and friends,” Smith said. “We can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for North Texas Giving Day.”

About Communities Foundation of Texas and North Texas Giving Day

Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) is a community foundation responsible for managing the charitable funds of nearly 1,000 companies, families and foundations. CFT created North Texas Giving Day in 2008 to build awareness and support for north Texas nonprofits.

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