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At Aldridge , we offer Office 365 Migrations as a part of our comprehensive IT services and solutions. With our knowledge of cloud computing and strategic ability to mold our IT strategies to fit your business needs, we can proficiently migrate your systems to the Office 365 platform. But the question that we’d really like to ask is – why do you want to migrate to Office 365?

While businesses across the globe use Microsoft technology and applications, the next big step for many of these companies is migrating their systems to the Office 365 platform. This system utilizes cloud computing to offer efficiency, reliability, easy updates, and streamlined IT support, which is every company’s dream goal for their IT system. As a result, hundreds of thousands of companies are wondering whether migrating to Office 365 will serve as the solution to their core set of IT problems that they experience on a daily basis.

Why migrate to
Office 365?

As we’ve worked with our current client base in solving their most pressing IT issues, we’ve discovered that companies sometimes decide on a solution before they take time to address their underlying IT struggles. For instance, initial requests to modify a process, migrate to a new platform, or change a network configuration are all most often rooted in a causal issue. While a potential client might assume that one solution or another will resolve their current plight, our approach is far more comprehensive. Rather than simply migrating you to Office 365, we want to provide you with an efficient, responsive, problem-free IT support system. In other words, instead of merely managing symptoms, we treat the cause.

In our experience, slapping a new system over the top of an underlying problem is like slapping a bandage on a deep-flesh wound. What you really need are sutures performed by highly qualified medical doctor. Potential clients that approach us with questions about Office 365 migrations are often looking for a solution to their IT support problems, and they wonder if an Office 365 migration will be the fix that their business needs. We often find, however, that the real problem is not necessarily technology-based. If your IT support system is poor, frustrating, problematic, and inconsistent, then Office 365 won’t fix the root problem – it’s probably time to find a new IT support provider.

The following are some of the most common reasons we see potential clients clamoring to migrate to Office 365:

Their current IT support personnel are poor managers (or poorly managed by others)

Their current IT infrastructure is outdated

Their current IT systems experience consistent outages

Their current user interface is slow and difficult to work with

They want to provide exceptional customer service

They want to enhance the user-experience and improve overall employee satisfaction

We focus on the
full IT solution

However, along with that highly technical IT support solution, you’re also provided the strategic analysis and planning that will revolutionize your IT support. Now, you’ll have a reliable system that doesn’t break, doesn’t fail, and doesn’t forget to respond to your help desk ticket. For more information about the IT support services that Aldridge can offer you, please give us a call. We’re real people ready to solve real problems, and we’d love to talk with you about the problems that you’re experiencing and how we can help you. As a part of that conversation, we can also discuss how migrating to Office 365 can help to improve your business operations and create a fantastic, user-friendly experience for your company as a whole.

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