SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 2: New Documents in SharePoint Online

October 25th, 2018 | Microsoft 365


Video Transcription

I’m going to create a new folder here first so I can create that document inside of it. I click on new and then folder. Then, I give that folder a name.

You can see that the folder “Test” is created inside of this library. Now, if I want to create a document inside of it, I click on the folder. I’m now inside the “Test” folder. I click on new, and I can create any of these document types.

The great thing is this will actually open in the online version of the application that’s associated with that type of document. From there, I can work on the document as I normally would. All the changes that I make to that document are saved automatically into the document. There’s not even a need to click a save button anymore.

Let me demonstrate. Now I’m creating a Word document. You’ll notice that it opens Word Online, and about 80 to 85 percent of all the functionality and features that I’m used to in a local version of Word that would normally be installed on a computer are available in Word Online. As you can see, I’ve got the familiar ribbon at the top with the familiar features that I can use as far as changing fonts and formatting.

New document in Word Online.

Creating and editing a new document in Word Online.

Let me go ahead and add some text into this document. You’ll notice at the top that it says “saving.” The changes I’m making to this document are being automatically saved every single time I make changes. As I’m editing, it’s automatically saving it for me.

You can see that it now says “saved.” If I want to go ahead and give the document a name, I can click on the name here to rename it. Now I’ve created my first document inside of Word Online.

To go back to see the document that I’ve created in it’s location, I can use this breadcrumb trail at the top.

Boom. I’ve now created my first document inside of SharePoint.

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