SharePoint in 30 Minutes – Part 4: Recover and Restore Documents

November 8th, 2018 | Microsoft 365


Video Transcription

If you need to recover a deleted file from anywhere in SharePoint, regardless of who the changes or who deleted the file, you can do this from the recycle bin located in the left navigation menu. Once here, you can see information about a file such as who deleted it and the original location that it was stored in.

Click the check box next to the document you wish to recover, and then click “restore.” The file will be automatically restored to its original location.

Document restore option in SharePoint Online.

Document restore option in SharePoint Online.

Let’s say that you need to reverse changes that were made to a document. First, look at the document in SharePoint and click on “version history.” This will show you a list of versions that were saved when the document was edited. This includes information about who made the changes and when the change occurred.

Version history pop-up screen in SharePoint Online.

Version history pop-up screen in SharePoint Online.

To view a version before restoring it, just click on the date and time of the version that you’d like to see. This will download a copy of that document and automatically launch the corresponding application so you can then see this version before deciding to restore it. Once you’re sure that you want to restore it, just click the down arrow next to the version that you’d like to restore and click “restore.

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