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Let’s talk about all of the apps that are available that work with SharePoint Online. To access the online versions of these applications while you’re in SharePoint, you can click the application launcher in the top left of the window. This will show you all of the online versions of apps that you can launch right inside your web browser, such as Outlook or Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. If you click on an app name, it’ll open the app inside of the web browser on the tab you’re on.

Location of the app launcher in SharePoint Online.

Location of the app launcher in SharePoint Online.

Alternatively, you can click the ellipsis and open it in a new tab. Let me demonstrate.

I can launch PowerPoint, and now I’m in PowerPoint Online. I can create a new presentation and I can even see all the recent presentations that I’ve been working on. There you go, I’m now creating and editing a new PowerPoint presentation right in my web browser.

Again, as before, if I’m working on this and I decide I need to work on it with the full functionality and features that are in the local version of the app, I can click the “open in” button right here, which will display the name of whatever the corresponding app is. And now, I’m working on that presentation right inside the local app, but still have that added flexibility that SharePoint gives me.

Location of the

Location of the “open in” button in PowerPoint Online.

How do I save a document I’m working on if I create a new one that’s not in SharePoint? I want to make sure that I save it into SharePoint so I get all the things like auto-saving, and versioning, and so on.

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