With so many project management information systems (PMIS) on the market, choosing the right one for your construction firm can be an overwhelming task. After listening to the frustrations of our clients in the construction industry, we realized many of them were already paying for SharePoint, a program capable of solving their project management concerns. Here are seven reasons why SharePoint is a flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution for construction project management.

  1. You may already have SharePoint

SharePoint is used by companies of every size in nearly every industry—in fact, more than 70 percent of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. If your business uses Office 365, the chances are that you’re already paying for SharePoint. Your construction firm may be able to save money on licensing and training for other PMIS software if it uses SharePoint instead.

  1. SharePoint is full of features

By default, SharePoint comes stocked with all the project management tools your construction firm will need.

Sites. Work groups can create their own internal websites within SharePoint to store and organize their files, as well as display announcements.

Search. Robust search enables users to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily.

Insights. Aggregate information from databases and reports give organizations a look at usage and compliance statistics that can be used to address business needs.

Composites. Data, documents and processes are combined to create no-code automations and business solutions.

  1. SharePoint works with the tools you already use

SharePoint automatically syncs with Office 365 and can integrate with database and mapping programs such as SQL, Oracle and ArcGIS.

  1. Collaboration is built-in

SharePoint was designed for sharing. The service lets users co-author, edit and share documents and resources on several platforms, including PC, Mac and mobile devices. Use SharePoint to collaborate across teams and departments, or with outside stakeholders.

  1. Easily create reports

SharePoint can build complex reports from content sources within the service, making it easier to collect and share data. Construction firms can use SharePoint to configure dashboards and scorecards, as well as create pivot tables in Excel that link to data sources.

SharePoint can also display data visually using third party systems or other Microsoft products such as Power BI.

  1. SharePoint is reliable and secure

SharePoint is one of the most secure collaboration platforms on the market. You can control what users see and do within your environment by setting permissions at the site, folder or content level. Additionally, your firm can rest assured knowing that SharePoint is a Microsoft product—Microsoft is a business software industry leader and doesn’t run the risk of being acquired by another vendor, which is often the fate of many PMIS providers.

  1. Configure SharePoint the way you want

No two construction firms are the same, but despite that, most PMIS solutions cannot be customized. With SharePoint, you can build pages, forms, workflows and dashboards without writing code. Additionally, you can alter SharePoint to fit your firm’s needs using SQL.

For most businesses, SharePoint works right out of the box. However, one of the beautiful things about SharePoint is that it can be customized to fit your company’s needs.

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